[CLOSED]TribeThrive DAO August 2022 Budget

DAO : Tribe Thrive Dao

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project/Council Members:




Target: tribethrivedao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $3000 in DAI


The Thrive DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that provides sustainable solutions to other DAOs in the near protocol by giving them mentorship and community-building strategies. The Thrive DAO was created to provide a space for DAOs to grow and thrive. The team behind the Thrive DAO believes that decentralization is the key to success in the modern world, and they are committed to helping other organizations achieve this goal.

This is our update for For July, As TribeThriveDAO - We had a challenging yet exciting Month in July, we were able to achieve quite a lot despite no funding being received by us and only via the trust and goodwill of the people that believed in us.

You can find detailed information in our July report here:

  • For August, we are supporting 1 more - Ouch DAO - Ouch Dao : Introduction
  • We will continue the support for Capital guild for another month with Creatives, Community building strategies, and mentor calls.

Cost breakdown for Capital Guild: - $650

400 - Digital Design services and Writing services for creative copies.

150 - Community engagement activities. Real-life and in the metaverse.

100 - Mentor - 1 call per week to check if the direction of the DAO is in order

Cost Breakdown for Ouch DAO: - $900

400 - Digital Design services and Writing services for creative copies.

150 - Roadmap, Mission, vision, Pitch deck, Lite paper

150 - Community engagement activities. Real-life and in the metaverse.

100 - Mentor - 1 call per week to check if the direction of the DAO is in order

100 - Treasury Tribe Thrive

Also, we have planned a way cool community-building activities for the month of August, in order to drive DAO sustainability and DAO Activation through DAO to DAO collaboration.

a. DxD DAO to DAO collaboration event [Sep 2 -Tentative]

Total Requested Funds: $750

b. DAOscussion -YouTube series - $550

Tribe Thrive DAO - Onboarding Form

- Fill out This Form to Get Sustainability Solutions For Your DAO

We request 3000 USD to Support Sustainability Solutions through Tribe Thrive DAO.

DxD collaboration session - $750

Cost Breakdown

  • Metaverse Parcel - 100
  • Treasure hunt / Giveaway - 250 (pre-event - 100 & during the event -150)
  • Dj -100
  • Poster Design -100
  • Event coordination and management - 200

Metrics to measure success:

⁃ Social media month-on-month growth numbers.

⁃ Submission of the pitch deck and lite paper

⁃ Reporting community growth numbers. Telegram, Onchain

⁃ Mentor video call snapshots, Learnings of the meeting

Thank you


Tribethrive DAO claiming to make other DAOs self sustainable while itself asking for the funding from NF . Level of hypocrisy!

@creativesdao-council :eyes:

how far is any dao from becoming sustainable?

can we have a timeline like when we should expect them to work without any funds from the creative dao and become self sustainable?

Because if thats not happening then there is no use of having thrive dao asking for funds.

Isn’t this, including the support to DAOs and guidance not a job of one of your councils @Cryptonaut who is already a creatives dao mod and also @Monish016 till August month?

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Hey @Hitman2565, thank you for your concerns,

Since it is not follow the guidelines, I’m not support this proposal. I believe council of the DAO will make some amendment until then.

This is just my personal opinion, not represent other Creatives DAO Mods.

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Is very sad to have this kind of communication

I also would like to ask this permission to manifest as a member, not as Mod.

@Hitman2565 wish you could consider the work of other members in this community who come from different cultural backgrounds, and with the lack of sensitivity in comments like this one, and that you would be more careful with how you express yourself in this forum.

is not suitable for this public matter, as it presumes a harsh accusation based on personal judgment, which points to deceits and possible moral damages.

We are trying to build a healthy community around the Near Creatives Ecosystem, before Moderator, even as an active member, without being in the position of council, I build my trajectory in this ecosystem based on an ethical sense that I believe resonates in our context:

  • transparency
  • Autonomy
  • Decentralization

I am here because this is a possibility to do my work in a way that i believe, by the direct action that web3 can serves to. As the do-it-yourself and open-source philosophy, the exchanges without intermediaries (P2P), through smart contracts, new forms of economic-cultural exchanges are made possible in a revolutionary way;

  • it is ecological insofar as it does not consume paper and other physical resources to operate;
  • it is a security against corruption and enables the registration of creative property content (NFT) in a direct and effective way that brings producers closer to their potential markets;
  • without the need for middleman of former monopolizing institutions(Banks, Countries, Museums, Universities, Family Elites, and other Models of Centralized power)

We are building this new path together, liking or not, we are all part of this change of paradigma.

If one day Creatives Dao does not have enough organization and unity to continue to justify the requested resource over the last month, and the possibility of the DAO community that has been requesting for this specific DAO (Creatives-DAO), users continue to have autonomy to request funds directly from the Near Foundation, for projects that are acceptable to them, with budgets above the limited ceiling within our small creative ecosystem within Near.

Today I enter this position of Moderation with the responsibility of understanding the work that our pioneers resume, and the network of collective knowledge construction has been forming right in front of us, at this very moment, when we have discussions in this forum. This is fundamental for our improvement as a community, and all voices must have their free space for manifestation, as it is the seeds of our flowering.

in any role that a member is engaged in in a community based on these principles, it has the responsibility for the words that are used here.

Thankful for your presence in the ecosystem


Thanks for the efforts in writing this, but it doesn’t give answers to my questions written.

Again if the DAO will be reaching NF for funding than why we need Thrive when the whole purpose is to make other DAO’s self sustainable???

In July’s proposal its also mentioned that the DAO was not able to do any events and as the proposal is approved they will receive the amount with said events funding. And since the events didn’t happen, shouldnt they reduce the funding request??? @creativesdao-council

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Dear TribeThrive DAO,
Sorry but your proposal has been rejected. After the review of your report and deep dive into your DAO moderators couldn’t agree on approval.

In an effort to become more transparent in decision making I also want to note some highlights why your proposal has been rejected:

  • there’s been a conflict of interest as one of the member/council is in 4 other DAOs that is under the Creatives DAO umbrella (issue is solved now),
  • your activities/services are valuable, however, they don’t fall under the creative section, but more incubator.

Great research. It would be great to know details.

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