Introduction to Garden Collective


We are Garden Collective, a creative collective that runs events, releases music, shoots video series amongst many other things. Born in Cork, Ireland and now based in Lisbon, Portugal, we’ve been active since 2017 running both physical and online events alongside all sorts of other creative projects.

Garden Collective consists of a core group of 4 members:

Eden Flaherty - edenf.near
Emmet Coleman - senhorsantos.near
Niall Hearne - nillynoon.near
Eddie Ivers - tediv.near

& a wealth of other collaborators both in Ireland and Portugal.

This is just an introduction post to say hi as we get started in the NEAR community. Two of our core members met last week with @TRosario about getting involved with City Node - Lisboa and we are brewing some ideas for future projects and collaborations through NEAR.

We were invited to livestream our next event via muti DAOs cryptovoxels space (rented from the MarmaJ Foundation) on the 25th of September, which we are very excited for and hope to see some of you there.

You can see the proposal here:

You can find out more about us via our website & socials:

facebook: Garden Collective
instagram: Login • Instagram


Bom dia! Thanks for this introduction :smiley:

Excited to see that more projects are already being deployed from the Garden Collective.

In the following day’s we has a Node should have a more prepared plans to show on how to integrate all of these collectives/projects in the Lisbon City Node with different Bounties, Events and ideas.

Also the Lisbon City Node should soon be open to proposals of colaborations.
Watch for this forum, it’s getting hot in here! :fire: