[Introduction] Garden Collective DAO

– Some bodies doing some things –

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Hello! We would like to present to you all: Garden Collective DAO.

We are Garden Collective, an organisation and platform for people to create and connect across all areas of art and culture, sowing the seeds of creative growth.

We were born in Cork, Ireland, and are now based in Lisboa. We’ve been active since 2017, running both physical and online events alongside all sorts of other creative projects in which we love to create, express and collaborate with all the beautiful people who cross our path along the way.

Growing as we go!

After being introduced to web3 and the NEAR ecosystem by our friends over at muti dao, Arroz Criativo and Lisboa City Node, we have been blown away with the community developing before us. We are excited and inspired by the new possibilities for connecting, collaborating and platforming artists from every corner of the globe. As we at Garden aim to be a platform for creators, artists and dreamers, we naturally are drawn to becoming a DAO to do this.


Our council will consist of the founders and core members of Garden.

@edenf - Organiser, MC (edenf.near)
@senhorsantos - Videographer, DJ, (senhorsantos.near)
@nillynoon - Designer, Photographer, Poet, DJ (nillynoon.near)
@ted.iv - Graphic Designer, Musician, Organiser (tediv.near)

Each of the members of Garden bring different skills, interests, talents and flavours to our activities. Although our skills may vary, an ethos and objective of connecting and creating is shared by all, allowing us to mold Garden on a project by project basis. Even if we don’t know what we’re going to do next.


Garden aims to be a place for people to connect, create and collaborate across all areas of art and culture, and this goal has led us to do many different events and projects. We love to go with the flow and embrace the possibilities that come with connecting with all the different people we meet on the journey. Whether you’re a musician, DJ’s, actor, visual artist, dancer, puppeteer, storyteller or just a creative dreamer, we at Garden want to create something with you.


From the beginning, events have always been at the core of our collective. We ran monthly events for 2 years. These 12 hour parties had the consistent template of art, food, spoken word, live music, and DJ’s but had many many different and amazing people fill in the spaces.

Most recently, we produced a week-long residency culminating in a collaborative theater show, which was also our first interaction with the NEAR ecosystem (see more here.). We have also organised spoken word specific events, album launch events and production for external events.



Garden also acts as a music label, releasing across many genres and styles. We have done digital, CD, Cassette and Vinyl releases for various projects. The label has been a place of recent focus for Garden with 2022 being a year packed with releases from us and the amazing artists we work with.

We work closely with our artists on a project by project basis, delivering what is best for them and their music. We take on design, artwork, videos, publication, promotion and release events for each project.
Over the past two years, the roster on Garden has grown and grown and covers everything from Irish Trad, Punk, Electronic, Experimental to Folk.



Tale Trails: A mix series featuring DJ’s and selectors bringing mixes of all styles and genres.
Gardening With: A video series focusing on capturing the raw energy of a musician in a live setting.



Although a recent venture for Garden, we plan on working on an increasing number of print publications and partnering these with the world of NFTs. We have the soon-to-be-released poetry book from Garden’s own Niall Hearne on the way very soon. There is also another poetry collection from two Irish poets in the works.




  • Integrate Garden into the Near ecosystem as a DAO
  • Begin to assist our network of artists/collaborators integrate into the ecosystem
  • Reassess and redesign our website for relevance to future projects
  • Develop calendar of releases, events and projects for the coming 6 months
  • Breaking up tasks and responsibilities on the backend for smoother day-to-day running
  • Develop a marketing strategy alongside the calendar of events/projects/releases

Moving Forward

  • Develop & curate the mintbase store and NFT gallery
  • Explore marketing options for NFTs with the aim of artist self-sustainability
  • Test out ticketing for events using NFTs
  • Research the integration of web3 with the Garden Collective website
  • Expand the community of collaborators and encourage further cross-collaboration within the community.
  • Assess the potential of a Garden token that would represent community members with the possibility of a voting power to it.
  • Cross collaborations with other DAOs

Link to our previous introduction on the forum