[Introduction] Survival Is Near (SIN)

Survival Is Near. Who Will Be The Ecosystem Champion :trophy:

Survival Is Near (SIN) is an interactive Web3 experience designed to invigorate the Near ecosystem, drive engagement with Near dApps, and stimulate on-chain transactions. SIN offers Nearians an immersive and competitive environment where strategic thinking and social interaction are paramount.

:honeybee: Key Links: SIN DAO / X / Telegram / BOS


As we grow and build our community the primary objective remains the same. Survival. But at our core, SIN strategically aims to achieve the following:

Ecosystem Growth

SIN injects vitality into the Near ecosystem, fostering increased activity and engagement among Nearians.

Promotion of Near dApps

By integrating Near dApps into our tasks and challenges, SIN promotes awareness and usage of Nearโ€™s decentralized applications.

Transaction Stimulus

The competitive nature of SIN encourages frequent transactions on the Near blockchain, contributing to network activity and liquidity.


Survival Is Near offers an exhilarating Web3 gaming experience while fulfilling strategic objectives to enrich the Near ecosystem. With a focus on community engagement, innovation, and blockchain utilization, SIN is poised to become a cornerstone of Nearโ€™s interactive gaming landscape.

:honeybee: Whatโ€™s Next?

We will be launching The Meme Maze in early June 2024 as our first activation aimed at building and growing our core community.

With the creation of our DAO and our Token $SURVIVE we are almost ready to launch!

Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate by joining our Telegram Channel

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