[APPROVED] Survival Is Near <>Gaming DAO (The Meme Maze)

The Meme Maze by Survival Is Near

Section 1. Main information:

Project Name: Survival Is Near
Picture: Link to Logo
Project URL: @survivalisnear | Linktree
Project’s Public Github: N/A
Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/survivalisnear
Discord Server Address: N/A We’re on Telegram

Section 2. Game information:

About The Game:

Survival Is Near (SIN) is an interactive Web3 experience designed to invigorate the Near ecosystem, drive engagement with Near dApps, and stimulate on-chain transactions. SIN offers Nearians an immersive and competitive environment where strategic thinking and social interaction are paramount.

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Briefly Describe your project:

Introducing The Meme Maze - SIN is partnering with 10 amazing MemeCoin communities to bring you our very first activation. :honeybee: The Meme Maze is a Metaverse Quest where participants race against time, and each other, to hunt Airdrops and complete Tasks to secure a limited edition SIN Alpha NFT.

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What is the USP of your game?:

We are the only game that leverages other platforms and dApps without the need of having our own. Alongside Near integration we also offer:

  • Interactive Community Engagement
  • Dynamic and Fun Gameplay
  • Fair and Transparent Rewards

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?:

SIN embodies all of Gaming DAOs core principles - Participation, Collaboration, Transparency, Innovation and Community. Plus it’s going to be the BUZZ of the ecosystem!

Please Describe Your User Demographic:

You can find our most recent analytics here - SIN Analytics Apr-May 2024.png - Google Drive

Our current activation - The Meme Maze - has brought partnerships with 10 memecoins, allowing us to tap into their communities for support and further growth.

We also hold to what we said in our previous application:

Based on the nature of Survival Is Near (SIN) and its target audience, we can predict the user demographic to consist of:

  1. Web3 Enthusiasts: These are individuals who have heard of Near and might have interacted a couple of times, but are not invested in the ecosystem. They are likely to be interested in participating or following along with an innovative gaming concept like SIN and would already have a wallet.

  2. Gaming Enthusiasts: Gamers who enjoy competitive and strategic gameplay. They may be attracted to SIN’s unique combination of blockchain technology, social interaction, and daily challenges. They may or may not already be familiar with Near and have a wallet.

  3. Near Protocol Users: Users who are already active within the Near Protocol ecosystem, participating in dApps, engaging with Near communities, and holding Near tokens. SIN provides an opportunity for them to further explore and utilize the capabilities of the Near blockchain and will make up our player base.

Predicted data for the user demographic may include:
(Based on our observation of active members in the Near community ecosystem)

  1. Age Range: Primarily young adults and adults aged between 18 to 40.

  2. Gender: While blockchain and gaming demographics tend to skew male, there’s also a notable presence of female users, particularly among younger age groups.

  3. Geographic Distribution: Users from around the world, with concentrations in regions where blockchain adoption and gaming culture are strong, such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

  4. Income Level: Participants would likely be users who have at least 10 Near in their wallet. Community participation begins as low as 1 Near, so users who don’t have much Near can also participate.

Overall, the user demographic for SIN is expected to be diverse, consisting of individuals who are tech-savvy, socially active, and representative of the existing Near ecosystem user-base.

What is your Tech Stack?:

During our Alpha phase we are mostly leveraging other platforms, but we plan to build a Telegram Bot and have already started the process of what the first phase will look like and who were will work with to build it. Eventually, we plan to add feature to the Bot and transform it into an app similar to Hot Wallet. We have also thought to build out a BOS front-end as our website and build various widgets/components for it, as this would be advantageous to our objectives.

Section 3. Status of the Project:

What is status of you project?

  • In development - Pre-MVP

In case your game is not launched yet, what is the current state and when is the launch planned?

As mentioned previously, for the first activation of our Alpha launch - The Meme Maze - we plan to leverage existing Near platforms and dApps and build the V1 of our Telegram Bot. The Meme Maze is scheduled to launch on the 6th of June.

What is financial status of you project?

  • Bootstrapped

Monthly Burn Rate In USD (include if you wish):

  • Currently this is 0 but we estimate that it won’t exceed 3K - 5K once we are into the Beta phase of the game.

Link to Playable version of the game:

The Meme Maze will take place in Voxels and is still private and in development - The Meme Maze - 3 Piazza del Tricolore | Voxels. The majority of future game activities will be based in Telegram.

Section 4. Team

About Your Team:

How many Team Members are working on the project:

  • 1 person (Vandal)

Where is your Team from?

  • Canada but based in Philippines

What is the economic concept of the game to be sustainable in the future and when will that point be reached?

Initially, we planned to run a pay to play model using $NEAR but now that we have developed strong tokenomics for $SURVIVE, we plan to use our native token and potential partnerships to become economically sustainable. At a certain point in the future players will need to use $SURVIVE to participate in various aspects of the game. Our token is planned to launch mid June, then we have a Q3 plan to grow and develop our sustainability model.

Please Tell Us About Your Development Team:

Currently we are working with SlimeDragon (from Intear) on our Telegram Bot. We also have support from Aredpanda, who is active in the Near memecoin space. Once we’re out of our Alpha we plan to onboard a technical lead and outsource our needs through bounties.

Please Tell Us About Your BD Team:

Currently the BD Team is just me - Vandal - as a Near OG I’m well connected and respected in the ecosystem and have been managing all aspects of the project, including partnerships with 10 memecoin communities (Shitzu, Intel, nKok, Pussy, Slush, Nearvidia, Chill, Horny, Fat Cat & Wojak).

As we grow I will be bringing on support for this and other aspects of the project that will be needed.

Please Tell Us About Your Marketing / Community Building Team:

Marketing & Community Building is handled be me - Vandal - for the time being. I’ve been able to effectively manage things by keeping it lean - We have a Twitter and a Telegram Broadcast Channel right now. In the near future we will launch our Public Chat on telegram and will onboard members of our core community to help manage it, then we will partner with KOLs and other influencers to engage in marketing activities, while leveraging our community for incentivized support.

Section 5. Support

What Kind Of Support Is Needed?

  • Marketing & Funding

Any additional support we can get for marketing would be much appreciated as we move into our Alpha Phase and launch of The Meme Maze in June. This will help us create more hype and drive participation via our SMM campaign.

Section 6. Grants:

Grant Amount Requested:

Please provide a budget breakdown:

Roadmap & Milestones:

1. Stage One: Pre-Launch - May 20th to June 3rd

  • The Meme Maze game build is underway. Expected completion June 5th.
  • SIN Honey Bot development, testing & fine tuning . Expected completion 27th May.
  • Giveaway #1 - #7
  • Deposit 20N in Shitzu Validator for promotional boosts.
  • AMA #1 on 21st May - The Meme Maze Preview, Updates & More
  • Launch Public TG Group on May 27th TBD.
  • AI NFT Contest runs from May 28th to 30th
  • NearWeek content submission to DAO

Milestone Budget = $1,470

2. Stage Two: Launch - June 3rd to June 8th

  • Social Analytics Snapshot #2 (June 3rd)
  • Giveaways #8 - #10
  • AMA #2 on 4th June- Commemorative NFT Airdrop & Final Push
  • Announce AI NFT Contest winners & purchase the NFTs from Mintbase on June 3rd.
  • Launch The Meme Maze on June 6th (48hrs)

Milestone Budget = $480

3. Stage Three: Post Launch - June 8th to June 11th

  • Top 10 Winners Announcement & NFT Distribution on June 10th
  • Airdrop Distribution to winners

Milestone Budget = $175

Have you applied for any other funding programs so far?

This project has not received any previous funding or support whatsoever. Survival Is Near will be participating in the PotLock Marketing DAO Round coming up! I have received funding for other projects that I’ve worked on in the past.

Section 7. NEAR integration

Will the game be NEAR exclusive or is it planned to integrate other chains or a web2 version?

The game is Near exclusive but we will use other platforms on other chains from time to time. With chain abstraction there are opportunities in the future to integrate more from other chains while still being Near native, but that is well down the road. The only Web2 aspect of the game is our use of Telegram.

Thank you for reveiwing this proposal and please leave comments below if you have any questions or concerns


Congratulations! Gaming DAO is happy to support you!

Milestone 1: Pre-Launch - May 20th to June 3rd - 1470$
Milestone 2: Launch - June 3rd to June 8th - 480$
Milestone 3: Post Launch - June 8th to June 11th - 175$


Amazing! Thanks for the support guys!!! Gonna make us all proud!

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