Hello Creatives,

I would like to introduce to you, Primorida DAO!



Many of you may know us from Kin DAO, and if you were really following along with us, you know of our NFT project Hyphae.


Building in biomimicry of mushrooms, Hyphae represented the beginning filaments of our mycelium network. Now that Kin DAO has expanded to onboard over 50 individuals and 5 DAOs to Near, we are moving into our next phase of mycelium development. A primordia, often referred to as a knot, is the first point at which the development of a fruit body is visible to the naked eye .

The impact we have been able to make within our communities has been immense but at times felt invisible, underground, but as we grow to uplift more communities, the fruits of our labor are beginning to show.

This space has welcomed in our group of non-tech artists, community workers, visionaries and supported us tangibly to uplift many around us. We believe that Near is an ethical protocol that provides a space for communities to safely explore Web3 and decentralized governance. Providing this type of supported exploration has proven to expand the minds, hearts and visions of ourselves and those engaging with Near. It opens us to the possibilities of interdependent networks not just on-chain, but in real life. It brings us a step closer to the self sustaining community living that we long for.


Ironically, or divinely, Creatives DAO took the first leap into further decentralization by allowing DAOs to be the council of the Creatives DAO. DAOs within DAOs. This is something that we have been speaking on and envisioning for a long time now. Our plan has been to create a DAO that has a council of DAOs just like Creatives and now that we see that it is truly possible within AstroDAO, we are ready to launch.

Primordia DAO has a goal to launch 100 DAOs on Near in 2022. Our communities are historically disenfranchised, excluded humans globally that we would like to guide into this beautiful ecosystem, building relationships of reciprocity along the way. Our direct and extended communities have the capacity of 12 million people meaningfully engaging on Near by December 2022.


Primodria DAO, emerging from Kindness Grocery Coop, The Kin DAO, and Hyphae, Primordia is the next stage. Primordia is a year-long project DAO serving as onboarding for communities traditionally excluded through art-based solutions. As Kin DAO expands to onboard more and more of our community and blooms out of the underground, we create a project DAO that focuses directly on onboarding our communities. This enables Kin DAO to exist individually to focus on their primary goal of curating collective land purchase and developing regenerative practices while collaborating with newly onboarded DAOs to welcome, teach and guide more traditionally excluded communities that are traditionally art and wellness focused. This will ultimately create more Web3 community leaders that are equipped with the skills to self govern, self create, teach and onboard uniquely.



  • Council will begin with 6 DAOs:
    • Kin DAO: Using the digital to bring equitable systems to the physical through collective land purchase & regenerative practice.
      • thekindao.sputnik-dao.near
    • EFAM DAO: A place where,EFAM; Essential Food and Medicine, can bring into Web3 the important work we do in the world of re-indiginizing our community’s relationship to land, food and medicine and build a healthy world.
      • efam.sputnik-dao.near
    • Sage and Cedar DAO: Afro indigenous hip-hop group from San Francisco, Bay Area. From trap to boom bap we plants seeds for liberation.
      • sageandcedar.sputnik-dao.near
    • Dandelions and Honey Bees DAO: Our mission is (1) to encourage people to maintain their health naturally with our holistic products and services; and (2) to support honeybees and other pollinators by educating people on sustainable consumer and gardening practices. We will allocate received funding to build our business and to fund local projects initiated by individuals, businesses or organizations to support pollinators.
    • Staining Essence DAO: Art collective creating perspectives rooted in optimistic realism, providing supportive spaces for impactful creative expression and prioritizing marginalized lived experiences.
      • staining-essence.sputnik-dao.near
    • Liberation Wellness DAO: Educating and connecting creators, leaders, & innovators, to their highest self through strength, health, & mindset.
      • liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near
  • March
    • Council of 6 DAOs will collectively work to onboard up to 6 more DAOs that are already doing important work aligned with our visions of creative wellness, sustainability, and equity.
    • Kin DAO will launch the official opening of Primordia on the Spring Solstice in their virtual space of New Art City where this collective vision will be shown visually for deeper understanding and resonance.
  • April
    • Council of 12 DAOs will collectively choose and onboard 4 more DAOs to Near.
  • May
    • Council of 16 will collectively choose and onboard 6 more DAOs to Near.
    • Primordia DAO will consider and take steps to transforming into its own Guild to maintain the container for newcomers and avoid overloading other forums and spaces, encouraging further decentralization and delegating tasks such as moderation/council management/organization
  • June
    • Council of 22 will onboard 6 more DAOs to each month for the next 6 months until the end of 2022.
    • Primordia DAO will further delegate tasks for organization
    • Primordia DAO will launch a collective art project on Summer Solstice.
  • July - December
    • Council of 28 will onboard 72 DAOs (12/mo) in the final 6 months of 2022
    • Primodria DAO will continue to make evaluations of the processes of onboarding, creating standard programs to assist with processes and reports to understand how to best educate.
    • Primordia DAO will become an impactful social experiment in Web3 onboarding, decentralization and Web3 merging with real life impactful work.

Im really excited to be apart of Primorida DAO and looking forward to Grow with everyone!


Ah welcome to the forum! So grateful you are on this journey with us and looking forward to seeing how Staining Essence develops!