[Approved] NEAR Türkiye June 2023

Hi everyone,

We have been representing NEAR to Türkiye since March 2021 and are active on Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Youtube and have implemented a MVP project on NEAR together with our developers.

I have taken the Regional Community Update Procedure into account and attended the weekly calls to keep up with MDAO councils & RC members.

Guild / Community Name: Near Türkiye
User: nearinturkiye.near
Funding scheme : 1 month
Previous Proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-near-turkiye-may-june-2023-3300-one-month/34232
Previous Report: https://gov.near.org/t/report-near-turkiye-march-may-2023/34720

Near.social of all core team members:

Link to the Social Media accounts:


Our main focus is to bring new users to Near Social / Near BOS and organize workshops / mini-hackathons and meetups to onboard new devs and builders to NEAR.
Furthermore, we want to invite even more new users to our social media channels over the next month and focus on our main goal: increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Türkiye and heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish-speaking area.

  • NEAR Social: We are already active on Near Social and want to increase our followers in the next months (200+)
  • IamHuman / Fractal: As soon as the verification process continues we will invite users to verify their humanity.
  • Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @near_tr
    • support 7 days / week
    • invite more users to our Telegram chat group
    • Small giveaways and promotions to increase the engagement (quiz, activity contest, Follow Near Social)
    • be active in different crypto community groups and talk about NEAR
  • Telegram news:
    • share latest news and updates about NEAR
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_turkey 3
    • share daily latest news and updates about NEAR in turkish language.
    • work with Hashtags and Markables to increase the engagement
    • giveaway / promotion
  • Youtube
    • share 4 videos / month
      • topic: Near Horizon, Near BOS and widgets, IamHuman - Fractal, latest news / updates about NEAR, Web3.0, Blockchain and market analysis
      • publishment directly on Near Protocol Türkiye - YouTube
  • Medium: Near Turkey – Medium
    • We will translate and write 6 articles per month in turkish language and share in our Medium account
      • Topic: Near Horizon, Near BOS, Featured Stories, Web3.0 and Social, Defi, Nearweek
  • Promotions / Giveaways / Events: activity contest, quizzes, voice Chats and Spaces to increase the group activity
  • Near Türkiye DEV&Buidler Team: We will continue inviting devs and builders to the TG group https://t.me/near_aurora_builders_turkiye
  • Meetups: In our office we will have monthly meetups with crypto enthuasists / influencers and connect with business people

I will prepare a separate proposal for an offline workshop in Antalya as mentioned in my last report

What problem is the proposal solving?
Ownership of digital currencies in Turkey was the highest in the world at 27.1% followed by Argentina at 23.5% – well above global crypto ownership rate estimated at 11.9% – according to data from research firm GWI.
The Turkish lira’s volatility and rising inflation seen in recent months has led our investors / crypto enthuasists / developers to see cryptocurrency as a profitable investment in the long term and as a hedge against inflation in the short term. Unfortunately, little English is spoken in Turkish-speaking countries and members cannot follow the latest updates on NEAR and misunderstand some topics. It’s hard for the community to express themselves in English.

How is the problem being solved
I have written more detailed under “goals and activities”, but to sum up:
We will continue our support for our existing Telegram NEAR Turkish community.
Create self-written and translated articles on Medium
Share the latest news and updates about NEAR in Turkish on Twitter.
Reach out to more crypto enthusiasts and invite them to Near Social and IamHuman.
We will organize offline workshops and attend blockchain events. By attending or organizing Hackathons in Türkiye we will be able to invite more builders / devs to the Near ecosystem and build a project together or continue on our MVP project


  • 200+ followers on Near Social
  • 50+ members with humanity verification ( if Fractal verification is live )
  • 8500+ members on Telegram Chat
  • 5500+ Followers on Twitter
  • Successful 6 articles / month about NEAR in turkish language
  • High impression on Twitter and successful promotions


  • active Near Turkey Telegram group
  • support / answer all questions
  • share news and announcements in time
  • active Near Turkey Twitter account, latest news
  • successful giveaways with high impressions
  • 200+ Near Social followers
  • 50+ humanity verification / Fractal
  • attend one Blockchain event in June
  • organize an offline workshop - JavaScript ( separate proposal )
  • Create Widgets on NEAR BOS


Content Writing Medium

  • Topic: Featured Stories, Web3.0 and Social, Defi, Nearweek, NEAR ecosystem updates, Guide
  • KPIs : Medium account followers, article views, comments on social media regarding the article (TG, Twitter, Medium)
  • Goals : Total +6 articles
  • Budget : 150$

Content Writing Telegram

  • Topic : share daily news, ecosystem updates, partnerships, small giveaway
  • KPIs : increase channel members (growth), amount of viewers, daily news, high giveaway participation
  • Goals : 3-5 daily news
  • Budget : 150$

Social Media Telegram

  • Topic : support community members 7 days/week, share daily news from NEAR channel, ecosystem updates, infographics, partnerships, small giveaways to increase group activity, NEAR wallet/staking explanations
  • NEAR SOCIAL and Humanity verification giveaways on Telegram to increase our followers
  • KPIs : increase group members (growth), amount of daily messages, daily support, high giveaway participation, more NEAR wallet creation, more NEAR staking
  • Goals : average 400 daily message, +100 new wallet creations / staking on NEAR, 50+ active quiz/giveaway participation.
  • Budget : 500$

Social Media Youtube

  • Topic : explanation Near.Social and Fractal verification, weekly news & updates, ecosystem updates
  • KPIs : high amount of video viewers, Video comments from our community, knowledge about ecosystem updates and generally about NEAR
  • Goals : 4 videos
  • Budget : 300$

Social Media Twitter

  • Topic : daily news & updates, partnership announcements, Web3.0, small giveaways
  • Near Social and IamHuman Twitter events and giveaways
  • KPIs : Followers, Tweet impressions, Tweet Like + Retweets + Comments + Mentions
  • Goals : 500+ Followers on Twitter, average 1000 impressions, average 5-10 Likes / tweet
  • Budget : 300$

NEAR BOS / NEAR Social / Near Horizon / Fractal humanity verification

  • Invite users to Near Social and Near BOS
  • Near BOS workshop, What is Near Horizon, How to create a project on Near Horizon
  • Fractal verification, onboard more users with verification of humanity
  • Near Dev and Builders group moderation
  • Budget: 400 $

Management: Participate in weekly calls, Write monthly reports, Meeting with team members, coordination and planning of all activities: 200$

Total Costs for June : 2000$

AstroDAO: nearprotocol-turkiye.sputnik-dao.near
Near Wallet ID: nearinturkiye.near
Name: Sezer
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cizi31
E-Mail: sezercoinnet@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! :dizzy:


This proposal has my support

Hey @cizi31

Happy to support your proposal, reasons:

  • Really good performance on IAH onboarding this month
  • I like your focus on offline events like JS workshops and offline meetups in your office
  • Active the team who has good knowledge of Near
  • Active TG chat
  • Honest proposal cost for so many activities

Thought & Notes:

  • We expect to see more active Twitter with more focus on content creation and translation
  • Expects more views on telegram by cause the team has a really big telegram chat
  • 27 articles for the month is great, but maybe it will be better to use Twitter instead medium for translated articles to attract more views, and use the medium for original content.
  • Maybe work more in YouTube shorts instead of youtube videos?

I’m happy to support as the following are taken into consideration.

  1. Using your aastroDAO account to distribute community bounties.
  2. Using near telegram tip bot
  3. Using other products that make onboarding easy for users. Examples are NEARDROP, keypom, etc
  4. Driving proper engagement from your community to near.social
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Happy to support.

Reasons ;

-IRL focused

-Team performance

-Active community

-Ecosystem experience

-Reasonable budget request

NB: we are expecting less social media engagement like increasing followers and expressions in your subsequent proposals, since most of the community are now restarting it’s well now.

Thank you for your support @IgbozeIsrael @Ola @kiskesis @Bakaka
I have taken note of your comments.
We have started onboarding users to IamHuman via our referral link and aim to onboard 100 users from Türkiye in June.

Tagging @marketingdao-council for review


Moving to approved. Thank you for great job!