Introduction & Open Call for Near Turkish Community

for the record:
as we discussed on our call and telegram we’re meeting on Izmir tomorrow 04.00 tsi (Turkey time)
@shreyas and @amgando will also be there :raised_hands:
at Baristorcrat Alsancak Google Maps
all Turkish(and Near Community in general who can make it here) Community contributors/users are invited! let me


Hello everyone!
I’m Artuğ Ökmen DOĞAN, from Ankara Science University. I’m 22 years old and I’m studying 1st Software Engineer.

I met with NEAR in @REK’s Ankara meeting then I’m glad to meet you all.

I’m chair on Ankara Science University IEEE Student Branch’s, I’ve very good communication and networks with my regional clubs.

A photo from IEEE CSCON’22 Meeting.

What can I do?
Event organization and etc.

We want to do joint activity(Webinar or Face to Face (prefer Webinar)) with NEAR Turkey


Hello, dears;
I request that our Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye group be added to Find, Join, or Start a Guild on NEAR

The listed channel is a non-public and centralized community, managed in a non-transparent and closed manner (let’s not forget that community members are still banned). Founded and recognized by Near Turkey Community members. I request that the public (Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye) Turkey Community channel be added there.

Our social media networks:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye
Instagram: Login • Instagram
YouTube: Near Türkiye - YouTube


hey Nihat! I think you mean this Guilds Page right?

I agree. since those fellows don’t represent a Turkish community open to everyone it should be replaced with new decentralized Turkish Community initiative.
I’ll ask for this if there are no objections from Turkish Community members.


Yes bro, this is the page I mean…


I already want this sanction. I and some friends banned from the telegram group without any warning. Telegram/twitter is not someone’s play ground. If there is no contempt/ humiliation no one can prevent an investor/developer from reaching the decentralized community!


Hi everyone!

I am Bilgehan Tok, 29 years old, from Mersin.

I have been working in crypto field as news writer/social media manager for over a year now. (BeInCrypto Türkiye). (some of you know us from recent little drama :sweat_smile: ) (some know me from my successful quiz nights :joy: )

I have met with Near not so long ago but I already fell in love. Set up a wallet, trying to engage with dapps and IDOS and NFTs.

I can help with chat moderation, helping community members/investors, marketing, branding. Since my job is also related, I am closely following news and developments. I have a good command of English. (Also studying to be English Language Teacher as 2nd degree).
Also, we can help with media stuff, we can organize events, publish news and such on our website (


Welcome to Near and thanks for introducing yourself. @bilgehan @R2D2 @guneysevindik

There are some other active and contributing members which we have met but haven’t signed up to the forum let’s encourage them to join the forum @crypto_blckhntr @REK

How about organizing a city meet up or at least an online call for all members submitted here and to discuss the progress made so far and plans for future and who is willing to propose initiatives and take responsibilities for them?


Near Turkish Community rocks! thank you everyone! (Near Türkiye Komunitesi ortalığı yakıyor!, herkese teşekkürler)

make sure to check the EOY report if you haven’t checked yet. (tüm etkinliklerimizin operasyonlarımızın toplandığı yıl sonu raporuna göz atmayı unutmayın!)