[introduction] More Women in Crypto

Hello Near Community! We are More Women in Crypto and are very excited to introduce our international women-led initiative to this forum!

More Women in Crypto is an international network of women-led organizations and initiatives that collaborate and create strategic partnerships under one umbrella on a variety of web3 projects.

Our mission is to empower women to achieve financial independence through decentralized finance by creating mentorship programs, accessible education, increasing job opportunities, and visibility in the blockchain.

Our project started in Tulum, the vision of our founder, Francesca that proposed this initiative to the community. This proposal was extremely well received and our weekly meetings started at the NFT Boutique in Tulum. After several meetings and research about the lack of participation and adoption of women in the crypto space, we decided to organize the initiative and propose a project to facilitate education and offer a network that supports our members interested in learning and working in web3.

Women are more likely to experience additional obstacles while navigating financial independence. These hurdles often include pay discrimination at work, lack of education, and difficulty making a living due to other household responsibilities, such as raising children.

Crypto education and investment can open the doors for women ready to improve their financial situations without leaving home. In addition, investing within the decentralized space offers women the opportunity to reap the benefits of a higher annual percentage yield, providing a greater return on their investments.

Today we are forming an LLC in Florida, building the website, packaging services, and products, and forming a DAO to have a legal and technological structure that we can all utilize to promote and grow our projects, feeding a center that feeds the community back.


This is amazing, please I want to ask, do you want to form a women’s DAO in the near ecosystem, to unite the women in near? Because I think we have some DAOs that could make that easier.


They can create a separate DAO or join an existing one. It’s completely up to them and the community. There’s also room for collaboration across these DAOs.

Welcome to the NEAR community! Excited to see more communities and DAOs centered on women go live. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the MWIC.


Hello and welcome @MWIC!

How can folks interested get in touch with you? Is there a community Telegram or Discord?

Also, consider reaching out to some of the female-lead and female-oriented groups already active in the ecosystem, such as INA DAO, Mae Solteira Records, Flying Rhino, Kin DAO, to begin to build your network and to share onboarding learnings. Tagging @rimberjack @chloe @Jessica @AnaNastya as well who might be interested in the education offerings you’re looking to develop, with it seems particular attention to DeFi.


Hello MWIC!

This looks very promising and as @mecsbecs stated it might be interesting to get in touch with some of the creative groups she tagged.

I am looking forward to seeing how your project will grow!


Interesting! I must commend the efforts of women fighting to break the barriers of women becoming more independent. And the difficulties being tamed in various ways
Welcome @MWIC, I’m happy to see this and hope to contribute as much.

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Sounds awesome, is there any community groups that people can join and engage in the activities?



Thank you all for your lovely welcome and for the tags into the projects and people that we could collaborate with!

We are about to set our MWIC DAO in Astro because we are going to use it for our internal organisation, decision making, funding allocations, etc.
But absolutely exited to connect with the different projects that could be aligning to our purpose and helping the developing, education programs, NFTs with all kind of artist and communities, content creation and physical products commercialisation into the Blockchain and the Near Ecosystem.

Here is link to our website :point_right: More Women In Crypto
And we are just starting to work our discord :point_right: MWIC Discord

We still have a long road to go and we definitely need support from everyone that can add something valuable to this project that is keeping us all together !

Exited to be building community on Near and get connected with the Network



interesting information

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Hi! thanks for your interest. We are still in the building process of our community in Tulum. Currently hosting the Tulum Crypto Club, producing community events, providing trading 101 classes at the NFT Boutique in Tulum, and available to be ambassadors to web3 projects that seek more women adoption. Which part do you find interesting?

We are growing our social media presence and working on our discord. I have to be sincere none of the women in our group like to use discord. We are utilizing Instagram and Twitter to make our announcement and we meet locally Tuesday at the NFT Boutique and Wednesday at the Tulum Crypto Club. We are looking for more women that would like to collaborate and possibly visit Tulum.

Instagram @morewomenincrypto

Twitter @MWICrypto