[introduction] introducing Engagement DAO to $Near

[introduction] introduction to Engagement DAO

Hi :wave: am @Psalmy

Bringing good tidings, before I proceed every community need engagement and discussion to attract investors. Nobody wants to invest on a dead project or inactive project, so I came up with this idea, to set up a committee ready to bring engagements to your community, I bring you “ENGAGEMENT DAO”

This is a Non-Nft project, we decided to try something awesome, and with time we would introduce our road map. But starting gradually we are focusing now on:

Engagement DAO: is an independent organization that consist of shillers, engagers and creative personnel.

We are always active and ready for opportunities :ok_hand: in later future hoping for bigger community and bigger goals.

Our primary purpose as a DAO is to help promote and bring live and engagement to a particular community or organization.

Nobody likes a dead or inactive community, so we bring in Engagement and discussion to your community for offers which would discuss with those who are interested or need our attention.

When we bring engagement to your community or server others would want to vibe along, we can do this daily, weekly or any discussed time range agreed on.

People involved in the engagement are not just random people, they’re trained people and they’ve proven to us they’ve the quality for this task, I call them the “Alpha members”

Alpha members: these members are pioneers on the server an ambassador of engagement DAO, specialist and active members ready to work and carry out operations.
They also have higher votes and say to support the growth of the community

Dominators: They’re the admins and instructors of our server.
The Co-founders
@Milez_dah_god & @Dos999

Verified citizen: are people that have proven not to be a bot :robot: and have opportunities to involve in fun, giveaway and games in our community.

They’re newly onboarded individuals, part of the community to support and involve in minor activities.

Services we offer

  1. Twitter engagement {like,comment retweet, Quote and corresponding comments}
  2. Discussion, interaction involving in activities on your server, like playing games making memes, bring up topics, increasing the hype and so on
  3. Hosting an event: Any big even hosted would be promoted and posted on our announcements so people can join and partake ($Near related events)

This would help people know about project and updates on $Near

We don’t increase followers yet! Cause there’s no 100% assurance for twitter gain yet

Mission & purpose

Task1: bring in newbies,investors and other lost people in crypto space, to make crypto simple and fun for them……

Planning on making hype materials like stickers and gif, or video like memes just to keep activities going and chat lively

How to keep them active:Provision for quiz, games and events to keep people active and reasons to enjoy decentralization.

How to bring them into near:

Step1: Before getting an “alpha role” you must have invited 10 new member (not compulsory) only those who need the role….

winners gets prize in near get to open a wallet to receive prizes and AMA on $Near projects would be posted on our server so active people who know little or no idea about near can use this opportunity to learn

We are just on discord for now {Engagement DAO

Current statistics :bar_chart:

58members in

45verified members

Discord was created June 10th
Previous games held and winners participating

Join our community let’s grow together :muscle:
LFG :hot_face:
Cryptocurrency Defi GIF by 1inch


Engagement DAO has been making so many achievement for the past few days :100:
Keep it up guys :clap:

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Thanks :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Much love…
And we keep doing what we know how to do best, no doll moments

ENGAGEMENT DAO is gonna bring a whole new vibe to other NEAR communities :fire:

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This sounds interesting @Psalmy and I’m sure y’all can do what you’ve said here. Shilling and awareness is much needed in every project. Kudos!:handshake:

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Yes :raised_hands: sure we can!
Shilling and onboarding is one of the best and native way to promote a business or company.
And we are good at building a community.
Thanks for the compliment

Congratulations on your initiative. Looking forward to see how it evolves.

Couple of thoughts for me:

  • The markets are tough. There was a lot of noice before, too much nonsense. Calmer times are for building and for standing out with clear value propositions and real products that can attract real users.
  • Unique branding and voices matter. I feel like both the tolerance and budgets for shillers is running low
  • Community is important. Definition and metrics are loose, but be mindful of being genuine and always tying activities with desired outcomes that are connected in a cycle for growth.

Let me know if you would like to run some of your ideas and initiatives by me, always happy to contribute where possible


Hi @Psalmy thanks for your proposal.

For me this project lacks substance and and focus and in the current market conditions the Marketing DAO needs to be sure that there is a clear value to the projects we fund.

In cases like this I would always encourage you and our team to make some progress and demonstrate the value you bring to the community, then request funding.

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Hi @cryptocredit & @satojandro thanks for your contribution and comment, firstly
This is an introduction to our DAO, I came up with this idea and opened our first platform on discord…. On June 10th and I put the project to test and Am loving the outcome, we are almost 60members now. And all members must get verified to make sure they’re not bot :robot: all real members….
I and my team used little money from our pocket to host games event and 70% of members turned up to participate….
I would make a road map soon, after our first funding….
The road map would give all details and plans we have and must fulfill……
I love $Near community and ready to promote it in a fun way ….
Due to market structure people are down, we need to encourage them and introduce fun activities to them while they learn about $Near.
In summary my focus is to shill and gather members round the world and let them learn about $Near in a fun way
Sneak peek on how the road map would be….
When we launch our twitter page memes, video memes, stickers and other activities that involve near in a less boring way.
There’s a proverb that says " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy " let’s bring fun while we work….:grin:
Leave all metrics to me, all details and transparency would be executed, as follow
List of people onboarded
Discord name/Near wallet ID name/ date onboarded
We must learn how to

  1. attract investors to our product(shill)
  2. Entertain them to feel comfortable (games, event, engagement, dialogue and fun zone)
  3. Then gradually introducing $Near to them
    . Teaching them how to mint and allowing them do it themselves
    Also how to connect their wallet to paras and Mintbase
    . Teaching them in details how to use their wallet, connect their wallet to defi project like ref finance and other stuffs like Nearhub in metaverse.
    I would make course outline on this.
    Thanks once again for your support, please if there’s anything I need to know or contribution am all ears to listen and learn

Thanks for the initiative. I would like to comment here that shilling should be organic and not unprofessional. For the twitter and other engagement part and the visibility of NEAR, I remember flyingrhino guild in NEAR is also already having a team of professionals.

cc @leaves297

Good morning. Thank you for your comment. In my opinion, we need to grow our community managers and don’t use middleman’s companies like flying rhino.

By the way, flying LLC professionals came from the Near community.


Hi @rahulgoel007 nice to meet you here.
Remember you from $Near official group as a mod.

Shilling are done by professional, like me I don’t spam dm to shill, I shill on twitter and other socials professionally, if I would dm

Or a create conversation and talk about my projects .
Most times if discord I use appropriate servers like shill zone.
Thanks anyways


@Dacha thanks for your points of view. It’s good if our community managers to be good individuals, not only depending on guild for shilling or promotion, honestly I have not come across flying rhino publications or proof of shill.
My own opinion though

Thanks man, good luck for the initiative. #marketing:marketingdao councils will surely help drafting the proposal to make it a success. Good luck! :hugs:

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Indeed, I agree. Community members helping grow the ecosystem is a great thing :innocent:

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The project is mind blowing :exploding_head:

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