[introduction] cem anos de gilberto mendes - one hundred years of gilberto mendes

CEM ANOS DE GILBERTO MENDES - SET / OCT a big meeting between DAOs - Nômade Label DAO, Filmes de Infiltração DAO, PROCD DAO and Antimétodo DAO

CEM ANOS DE GILBERTO MENDES (ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF GILBERTO MENDES) provides a great tribute to the composer, poet, teacher, and also actor (as he would like to be recognized) Gilberto Mendes. Well known for creating the Festival de Música Nova (New Music Festival) in Brazil (a version of Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt*) and for his irreverent compositions, Gilberto was for many of us a great creative reference!

Gilberto died early, in 2016, at the age of 93. He had just participated in the shooting of the medium-length film With My Dog-Eyes and was looking forward to seeing the film on the big screen. In 2015, he received a major tribute from the Festival de Música Nova, now known as the Gilberto Mendes Festival, and the Gilberto Mendes Week.

As artists in Brazil, we know that his recognition deserves even more attention and for that we decide to unify 4 DAO’s Nômade Label DAO, Filmes de Infiltração DAO, PROCD DAO and Antimétodo DAO and to pay this tribute to Mr. Mendes during the month of October, when he would have turned 100 years old.

The proposal will take place in Sao Paulo, Santos (the city where he lived most of his life and where he passed away) and in Metaverse.

We’ll proudly celebrate the great Brazilian musician Gilberto Mendes in his birthday’s month - October, offering the community live and virtual events, including film screenings and artistic performances inspired by his musical works. In order to spread this vivid month of celebration and to summon the event into words in English, this proposal aims to write 3 articles about the event, bringing a closer look on what is being built there and its importance to the Near ecosystem. We also see the possibility of translating the article written in Portuguese about the creative process that occurred in the film With My Dog Eyes, part of the master’s thesis “When the collaborative process overflows into cinematographic aesthetics” (2014), by Thais de Almeida Prado.


Nômade Label DAO is known for interdisciplinary projects that mix new proposals to the proposals that occur monthly.

Maintaining the interdisciplinary characteristic of Nômade Label DAO, in October the projects will have as inspiration and creative input the works of Gilberto Mendes.


Filmes de Infiltração DAO gives light and focus to cinematographic works, to celebrate Gilberto Mendes Month we’ll occupy in his birthday (October 13th) the Cine Bijou in Sao Paulo and a Cine Arte Posto 4 in Santos in the same month and we propose the projection of three films with and about him, followed by a Q&A with the directors and actors after the screening.


The second proposal of Antimetodo DAO will receive some guests related to the life and work of Gilberto Mendes bringing their experiences in creating with him. on October 5th we will have a music history class and we will talk about Gilberto Mendes within the intriguing sound objects project, by Caleb.


Procd is promoting initiative to suburban production, focusing on music, photography and audiovisual production and in this way they will contribute with Gilberto Mendes’ one hundred years creating beats with samples of Mendes.

Each DAO will bring more details of their proposals for this great tribute.
We also plan the onboarding of several collaborators of this project, in Santos, São Paulo, and other parts of Brazil.

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 12.39.56

Com Meus Olhos de Cão - fragmento Isaiah & Hilde

:point_up_2:t4: teaser of Com Meus Olhos de Cão, by Thaís de Almeida Prado with Gilberto Mendes and Marcio Barreto on the screen.

Stay tuned with us! <3

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Very nice project, and a very nice to remember Gilberto Mendes, love it! :100: :100: :100: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


very nice Thais! @filmesdeinfiltracao
It’s incredible that we can present Gilberto Mendes to the ecosystem!
Nomade Label is preparing the open call for artists, thinking in an hybrid format, so, people can participate physical and/or telematic.
Soon we will bring more news about the projects!

For now, I invite all to meet Gilberto Mendes and his extraordinary work!


Bem lembrado este video Rita!

Our beloved provocateur! Is such a Dream!
Viva Gilberto!!!
People around the world, let’s meet Gilberto Mendes and his extraordinary work!


What about CUDO DAO also join us in Lisbon / October for the ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF GILBERTO MENDES ? :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you think @hevertonharieno too crazy idea?

Fica a dica :slight_smile:

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Abrindo os trabalhos com a ocupação Nômade em Santos!