[PROPOSAL] Intriguing Sound Objects Orchestra - ANTIMETODO DAO

Hello Creatives this is Antimetodo DAO’s second proposal, we are applying for funding for the first time for our DAO
Proponent : zydron.near

Gilberto Mendes 100 years


The Intriguing Sound Objects are musical instruments built by Caleb Mascarenhas in boxes of everyday objects such as soap dishes, plastic jars, shampoo and food jars. These everyday objects are transformed into musical instruments by the artist, who gives a workshop on how to build these unusual instruments.

In the workshop Caleb will present his work process in music production, construction of electronic instruments, the various sites with information about building analog synthesizers and also the basic concepts of free hardware, electronics, audio. This edition will also focus on the processes of publishing works as NFT on the Near network and the basic principles of blockchain.


Realize a workshop on building sound objects, with a focus on creative processes and the use of web3. The workshop is part of the program in honor of Gilberto Mendes’ centennial. After the production of the sound objects, the participants will be invited to a performance together with GUME, within the schedule of the centennial events.

We have as specific objectives the onboarding of the workshop participants, with the opening of wallets in the NEAR ecosystem. All workshop participants will receive a certificate of participation NFT, along with a PDF containing key information about the ecosystem (glossary of terms, tutorials on wallet use, mintage and navigation in the NEAR ecosystem).

Creation of the following NFTS:

Promotional NFT of the closing performance, distributed by qr code on the day of the event.

Collection of NFTS of 5 selected sound objects.

NFTS of music from the closing performance with GUME that will be recorded in audio and video.


This project intends to unite the universe of synthesizers and electronics to the NFTs in the Near ecosystem. It is important for everyone to appropriate both the blockchain technologies and also electronics and the objects that surround us. This project intends to broaden the participants’ horizon in the universe of electronics, synthesizers, and also the basic principles of blockchain and NFTs, enabling the appropriation and creative use of these technologies.

It is also important to reinforce that this activity will be part of the tributes to Gilberto Mendes’ 100th birthday. The workshop will include a class on music history and Gilberto Mendes. The final event of this project will be a tribute to the maestro Gilberto Mendes with the performance Objetos Sonoros Intrigantes Orquestra + GUME.


1st stage - ONLINE CLASSES:


13/10/2022 20pm

Class 2: A brief history of electroacoustic music, and the centennial of Gilberto Mendes.

17/10/2022 20pm


Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm 10 spots

19/10/2022 - Class 1:

building oscillators on protoboard without soldering.

24/10/2022 - Class 2:

More oscillators on protoboard and soldering on the punched board.

26/10/2022 - Class 3:

Finishing the projects on the punched board.

Registration and selection of participants by google forms.

3rd stage: Intriguing Sound Objects Orchestra + GUME Performance:

27/10 20hs Performance Intriguing Sound Objects Orchestra + GUME at the closing event in honor of Gilberto Mendes.

Orchestra of oscillators with the GUME group. free improvisation performance with oscillators and dance and conducting by the GUME group. the performance participants will play using creations produced during the synthesizer workshop. The jam will be conducted by Daniel Carrera and will include dancing by the GUME group.

4th Stage: Production and release of NFTS:

(10/19 to 11/7)

NFT of workshop participation certificate for participants, with PDF containing basic glossary of terms and tutorials on navigating the ecosystem.(10/19)

Promotional NFT of the OSIO + GUME performance created by Zydron and Gume available with QR code at the event (in person and online)(10/20)

Collection of 5 1/1 NFTs - 5 intriguing sound objects - phigital - redemer

Minted and in Paras, mintbase and auction at auction (11/07)

NFTS collection of musical instruments from workshop participants with possibility of selling the physical instrument.(11/07)

Collection of NFTS OSIO + GUME

from the audio, video and photographic records, collection creation with Intriguing Sound Objcts feat GUME. Music NFTs. Minted on Mintbase and auction at https://www.the-auction.io/ - post-production (11/07)


(updated at 08/10/2022)
Expected metrics:

  • wallets creation/ onboarding
  • production of tutorials that will be made available to the community
  • production and distribution of NFTs related to the proposal
  • sales of NFTs
  • number of people reached (sum of the participants in the face-to-face and online workshops, in the closing event and in the online broadcast)

TEAM and Production Costs:

Other important information:

Proposer’s activities in the Creatives Community:

The classes and the closing event will take place at Espaço Coletivo
Martim Francisco Street 558 Santa Cecilia- São Paulo SP

The Material contained in the class kits consists of potentiometers, light sensors, chips, buttons, perforated boards, solderless protoboards, 9v battery, soldering irons, solder tin.


Nossa, que tudo. Tenho interesse :star_struck:


Obrigado @LulucaL só vem​:heart:


Hi fam, I will need to change the dates because of the delay of the funds I was not able to start the production of the project but now its all clear and we are going foward I will edit the dates at the proposal and this are the flyers.


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chega junto Luluca, se increve pra ganhar uns NFTs e participar pelo Zoom,


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A oficina foi realmente demais! Amei a Barbie Bomba instrumental que nasceu, e o Oba detergente instrumental que está pra nascer!
Performances do Gume e nós foram demais também! Louca oara ver os NFTs que saíram daí!

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Obrigado Thais pela sua presença e pelo apoio ao projeto, e vamos lançar os NFTs, finalizar o seu objeto sonoro! Bjoo, arrasou !

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