Introducing the Ecosystem Influencer Roundtable

In the interest of transparency and improving collaboration on shared goals across the NEAR ecosystem, NEAR Foundation is formalizing a new initiative for this year: the Ecosystem Influencer Roundtable. Designed to increase communication and increase accountability between major ecosystem projects, Pagoda, and the Foundation, the Ecosystem Roundtable has started meeting weekly in 2023.

The purpose of the Roundtable group is to ensure clear information flow between NEAR Foundation, Pagoda, and prominent ecosystem stakeholders. The regular meetings are for aligning on updates, sharing insights from the ecosystem, and discussing high-level ecosystem goals; the meetings are not for decision-making purposes. Eventually the goal is for the roundtable to become more autonomous over time and for the participants to work independently to collaborate, set goals and initiatives for the ecosystem, and develop their own governance structure.

There is a specific set of criteria for a given ecosystem project to participate in the ecosystem roundtable across a few different project types. They are: 1) ecosystem funds that have invested more than $2M in NEAR ecosystem teams 2) projects with 25K+ monthly active accounts for at least 2 consecutive months 3) regional hubs that are meeting their OKRs and KPIs 4) infrastructure teams that have traction and have successfully fundraised.

Currently the participating teams are: Aurora, Calimero, Proximity Labs, NDC, NEARWeek, Calimero, MetaPool, Lyric, MetaWeb, SWEAT, LearnNEAR Club, OnMachina, Few & Far, Paras, Ref, PlayEmber, Balkans Hub, USA Hub, India Hub, Korea Hub, Kenya Hub, and Vietnam Hub.

If you believe your organization meets the criteria for the Ecosystem Roundtable and want to get involved, please fill out this form. Other ways to participate and represent every size of project in the ecosystem include joining the working groups on wallets, validators, and more; working with the three community DAOs (Marketing, Community, Developer); getting involved with the NEAR Digital Collective; and joining monthly Twitter Spaces AMAs with NEAR Foundation.


Great initiative!

I do believe you meant to write “Creatives” (not Community) in the list of community DAOs.


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I submitted a request for inclusion for


Excellent initiative!

Now that the dust has settled and we can see the quality projects that are left building great products for the ecosystem, it’s important that we look at ways to engage and reinvigorate the community to be advocates for NEAR and support those projects as they develop.

Will information on the progress of the roundtable be shared with the creative DAOs (Marketing, Community, Developer) on a timely basis so that we can give input?


NEKO will be an important path to onboard users in to crypto. That’s the objective of a memecoin. Their educational content and media channels are quite extensive and so will be a very useful tool for onboarding new users in to the ecosystem


The founders are currently building the DEX Jump DeFi and already had a successful NFT collection called ‘kangaroos’

NEKO is therefore very important for them as it will onboard people in to the ecosystem and thus users for the DEX.

That it is the only memecoin on Near (notwithstanding ‘Newfy’) means that the whole community should get behind it… when the next bullrun starts and new users pour in to the ecosystem it will be those who were holding and staking the token in the quieter times that will benefit the most


Mintbase just submitted our application :herb:


Yes - good catch, typo :slight_smile:


Great initiative indeed!

To clarify…

  1. Is there a limit on the number of participants to this round table?
  2. Would it be possible for a single influencer to represent multiple ecosystems?
  3. How are they chosen?
  4. Would they be able to run as a member to any of the governing houses in V1?

Unrelated plug- @marieke.flament please accelerate payout for Q422 GWG contributors :pray::pray:

BigBrainVC is a fund that was left out

Some projects that have users, Meteor Wallet, HERE Wallet, NEARBlocks (Invoker Labs), NEAR.Social, also Mintbase (but they already applied below).

Some infrastructure projects on NEAR that have raised are Tradeport (indexer), Notifi Network, and Switchboard, but they are also Multichain.

Contacting teams to submits


all the teams mentioned have been contacted with this information and how to apply

Submitted application from Pembrock Finance part. Would like to be a part of it

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Great initiative! Hope we can be part of it, submitted an application :slight_smile:


Still looking for a reply 🫶🏼

Thanks for the submissions - we received over 15 and are still receiving more. Our next step will be triage and come back to the applicants - we will get back asap.

  1. Are you meeting your own OKRs @marieke.flament ?
  2. Given the foundation’s extractive nature of resources in the ecosystem and having little to show for to date (overpromises and under-delivery), holding you accountable should be up to the broader ecosystem and not a group who gets fed from your hand
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Thank you all for applying to be involved in the Roundtable. We have received ~20 submissions.

The group has reviewed all applications and has invited 5 projects to join that have met the criteria. These include:

  1. Big Brain Holdings - ecosystem fund that has invested $2M+ into the ecosystem
  2. Mintbase - infrastructure team with significant traction
  3. Pikespeak - infrastructure team with significant traction
  4. Sender Wallet - infrastructure team with significant traction
  5. Switchboard - infrastructure team with significant traction

The entire group will be meeting in Denver during ETH Denver, right before NEAR Day. As part of that conversation, we will discuss how best to structure adding / removing projects from the Roundtable group.

Thank you all!


Hi David,
could you please check the application form from Spin ? ( - Perps and DOVs on NEAR)


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Spin have managed their community very well. Their discord is a hive of activity with many activities that keep their users engaged.

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