Eco Roundtable - Minutes 27 March 2023

Eco Roundtable - Minutes 27 March 2023

The ecosystem roundtable is focused on improving communication, coordination, and alignment between founders, leaders, and influencers in the NEAR Ecosystem. The roundtable focuses on fostering relationships, and leadership, and creating alignment on strategic and tactical goals related to the NEAR Ecosystem with the goal of improving accountability and information sharing.



  • Metrics (DW)
  • GWG Proposal Feedback / Q2 Deliverables (Blaze)
  • NEARCON (Yadira)
  • BOS Technical Workshop (Illia)
  • Town Hall Feedback (DW)


Workgroup Governance



Ecosystem OKRs - Kendall

  • User acquisition has been slow since EthDenver announcements
  • Share of Voice


  • Based on closed and signed dates
  • NEAR Social and Few & Far showing most growth

Definition of Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • MAA forecasted
  • Partnership announcements
  • 100K MAA as tier 1

GWG Proposal Feedback / Q2 Deliverables - Blaze

  • Grassroots funding will be enabled in March
  • Constellations Verticals- ex; defi,
  • DAOs that requires funding from, 50K per month, 10 collectives funded
  • New Workshop: Transparency Commission and Events
  • Champions Needed, KYC/AML, Startup DAO, Events, Distro and Transparency

  • NDC Dashboard
  • I am Human Proto
  • NEAR Social Widgets
    • Easy Poll, Kudos, Feedback and Pulse, Nominate Rqs

Q2 Budget next week - estimated $500K

Ecosystem Roundtable

  • Rotate timeframes and biweekly

NEARCon by Yadira

BOS Technical Workshop - Alex Ch

  • Interest for spinning to integrate gateway

NEAR Town Hall - David Weinstein

  • Having more demos on BOS and other projects
  • Next tell: NDC trust launch and NEARCON

Few n Far - Chris Gale

  • Event in LA
  • Quests Launching
  • Branding on Formula Car

Kevin Imni, NEAR Sankore

NEAR Balkans - Ida

  • Working on Mastercard Communications
  • Connecting high quality devshops with programs
  • Discussing with Enterprises about consulting services

NEAR Korea

  • Multichain Hackathon Glitch Hackathon · Luma May 19-21
    • Wants 10-20 teams, got some guarantee
    • Avalanche, BNB chain, rest are EVM based
  • Onboarded Facewallet which has been given good teams
  • Meeting with LG, 55 blockchain devs
    • After Hedera

Calimero - Sandi

  • Duestatelecom meeting, interested in running NEAR Validator
  • Bank in UK meeting
  • Finalizing SOC2 compliance

Chat Notes

  • “NEAR is making a debut in Hong Kong as a Platinum Sponsor for the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, which will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 12-15, 2023. This four-day event, hosted on five center stages across an area of about 9,000㎡, will see over 10,000 attendees, 300 distinguished industry speakers, about 100 Web3 projects, community partners and media partners around the world congregate to network, share, and learn through high-level content and panel discussions. Web3 Festival will bring together the world’s brightest minds, top Web3 projects and leading venture capital firms presenting content-rich discussions and topics centered around Web3. Hong Kong regulatory representatives will also dive into and interpret the latest digital asset regulation policies. Top industry leaders such as CZ of Binance, Illia of NEAR Protocol, Juan of Filecoin, Dr. Xiao Feng of Wanxiang and Yat Siu of Animoca Brands are all expected to speak at the Festival.” - Amos
  • Concerns about hideyourCash
  • NDC working group vs DevDAO Work group
    • Dev DAO adopted from Rust; experts who make decisions on things
    • NDC workgroup, different format
    • Both are groups doing work
    • NDC → focused on decentralizing society


  • Shot
  • David Weinstein
  • Yadira Blocker
  • Alex Chiocchi
  • Bill Earner
  • Cameron Dennis
  • Chef - sale calimero
  • Chris Donovan
  • Chris G
  • David Norris
  • Didier Pironi - Pikespeak
  • E.Fenelus
  • Henry Tafolla - Blaze
  • Hugo - PlayEmber
  • Idea - NEAR Balkans
  • iPhone?
  • Jack Collier
  • Jon Hook - PLay Ember
  • Julie Bissinger - Pagoda
  • Kaz - NDC
  • Kendall Cole - Proximity
  • Kevin Imani
  • Konrad Merion - NEAR Foundation
  • Laura Cunningham - Near Horizons
  • Lindsey Crawford
  • Luka MCC
    Marieke Flament
  • Max Z - Developer DAO
  • Nathaneal
  • NBB
  • Oleg Fomenko - Sweat Economy
  • P3ter - NEARWeek
  • Riley Tran (NEAR Vietnam)
  • Rune
  • Sasha Baksht - Learn NEAR Club
  • Scott Lee
  • Sofia
  • Thanh Dinh
  • Yessin Shiegg
  • YG (Ben)
  • Ida NEAR Balkans

Super good reporting!

All the best to the team at the Web3 Festival in hong-Kong !!