Full Meeting Notes of the Ecosystem Roundtable MARCH 20th, 2023

20 March 2023 -Ecosystem Roundtable Meeting Minutes

Please see below the meeting minutes of the ecosystem roundtable that provides its process to start a charter process with GWG. The objective for sharing these meeting minutes with the community is to provide complete transparency of the process (so you know what is happening and you see how charter planning is done for later use).

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The ecosystem roundtable is focused on improving communication, coordination and alignment between founders, leaders, and influencers in the NEAR Ecosystem. The roundtable focuses on fostering relationships, and leadership, and creating alignment on strategic and tactical goals related to the NEAR Ecosystem with the goal of improving accountability and information sharing.

This weeks roundtable was focused on providing updates on BOS, NEAR Discovery and a Charter for the roundtable. Discussions took place on BOS documentation, video explainers and a Pagoda roadmap for NEAR Discovery. General updates were provided by several members around upcoming releases, events, product launches and KPIs.



  • Metrics / Dappradar update (DW)
  • Banking Relationships (DW)
  • Upcoming NEAR Town Hall (DW)
  • BOS (Illia)
  • Roundtable Charter (Blaze)


  • This group participants to invite the teams to the NEAR Town Hall (will be a trial out before the further expansion)
    • Wednesday, March 22 at 8am PT / 11am EST / 3pm UK on Zoom (recorded)
    • Should be on everyone’s calendar!
  • Banking relationships survey - everyone to submit the form - link here
  • Alex to share the Pagoda contact with Noak
  • Cameron to create a consolidated doc on NEARSocial for Funding
  • Alex to follow up on single click strategy email and sync with Oleg
  • GWG to run polls in Telegram on meeting cadence date/time/frequency
  • Members to review and comment on the Charter by 03/20 - link here


Illia presented an overview of BOS and the overall product stack

Alex presented the Pagoda roadmap for NEAR Discovery

Cameron asked who owns BOS docs, Alex responded Pagoda on Dev Experience and the rest are community-driven

Scott provided an update that they are planning to have a NEAR Event in Korea

Max updated that they will be launching a community documentation initiative soon with bounties for dev docs

Blaze provide an update the Community Treasury final press release is being finalized for the announcement on Tues March 20th at 10 am EST

Cameron shared several funding links

GWG member suggested there could be synergy between the GWG and Pagoda to solve KYC AML

Oleg asked about a single click feature for Sweat users to integrate into NEAR native dApps. He also provided an update that Sweat was ontrack to achieve objectives for the year and will soon return back to 1M monthly active users

Peter shared that NEARWeek has a new product going live for bounties and is on TestNet named Hereos

Blaze asked for feedback on the Charter, Alex said it was needed and asked the cadence to be refreshed and updated. It has an annual review cycle as part of the charter

Marieke was traveling and provided a lot of feedback via chat about the charter and felt it was a great starting place


  • Pagoda - we need to be able to have experience between ETH and Near

  • Alpha experience was incomplete

  • Get a separate call do discuss UX for Pagoda

  • Ecosystem roundtable charter - purpose - improving information sharing, building alignment

  • GWG role - to help facilitate, broaden the communication, create the feedback for each other

  • Feedback: Deadline to put feedback and put out

  • Transparency of these meetings - meeting minutes would be great, not the recording

  • Also some of the slides to share would be helpful

  • Tech workshop is on Wed (. Slides & video will be after that.)

  • Some developer community members already want to do community-led BOS development (this group to release a public technical workshop)

  • NDC Treasury is going live, will be announced tomorrow (21 of March)

  • NearCon Lisbon - 6-10th of November (will be announced by end of March)

  • The HashKey event in Hong Kong is coming up in April. NEAR China is planning to sponsor that.


  • Jon Hook
  • NBB
  • Alex Chiocchi
  • Aliaksndr
  • Ben Ben
  • Cameron Dennis
  • Chris Donovan
  • Chris G
  • Claudio Cossio
  • Corey Pigott
  • David Norris
  • Didier Pironi
  • Dinh Ngoc Thanh
  • Henry Tafolla
  • Hugo - Play Ember
  • Ida Pandur
  • Illia Polosukhin
  • Julie Bissinger
  • Kemboggs
  • Kevin Imani
  • Konrad Merino
  • Lindsey Crawford
  • Luka MCC
  • Marieke Flament
  • Maz Zavershunskyi
  • Mitch / Switchboard
  • Oleg Fomenko / Sweat Economy
  • P3eter
  • Paul / Superpowered.me
  • Ran Yi
  • Sasha Baksht
  • Scott Lee - Gaming in Korea
  • Shreyas Narayanan Kutty
  • Sofia
  • Yessin Schiegg
  • Yulian Lavysh

Good job, as always.