Introducing Silicon Craftsmen (UXisNEAR): the Product and User Experience Guild

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Guild Name:

Silicon Craftsmen (UXisNEAR)

Guild Leader(s):

AVB - Alejandro.near

Guild SputnikDAO Address:

Inception - How to Create a SputnikDAO Demo on Youtube

Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography):


Guild Details:

After today, nothing will ever be the same. Today we are launching the Silicon Craftsmen Guild: a community-led working group supported and funded by the NEAR Foundation, whose sole focus is to develop and advance the Web 3.0 Product Design and User Experience (UX) standards.

Great builders know that an excellent product is both an Art and a Science. Silicon Craftsmen founding team is made up of early crypto adopters — OGs with experience with a wide range of protocols, Product Designers — obsessed about the user and building magical experiences, and Builders — creative problem solvers who hustle to make things happen. Now we are uniting under one banner, joining forces under one guild to leverage each others’ knowledge and experience, and, most importantly recruit others like us to help us design the dApps that will onboard the next million users to de decentralised Web 3.0.


To support and accelerate the development and adoption of the next generation of Web 3.0 dApps built on NEAR that will onboard the next million users to Web 3.0

To recruit the best and brightest talent into NEAR, bringing in the best Product practices from Mainstream Tech.

To maximise the full potential of NEAR’s UX friendly tech stack. Raise awareness on what is possible, challenge what has been done in the past, raise the bar and smash into the stratosphere.

Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membereship you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?

We are looking for creative problem solvers (Designers, Product, ambitious people with an idea looking for a home and in need of some structure). We want to create pathways for these raw talent to enter and evolve in the NEAR ecosystem.

We are also looking for the experienced folks, we are on a learning journey ourselves and want to connect, absorb and amplify the lessons and achievements of others.

Finally, we are looking for open minded projects willing to experiment with new frameworks and to allow curious quirky people in to help them take their product to the next level.

What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?

Building better products. Moon landing as a service - the big picture is cool, but how do we actually terraform Mars? We’ll run a Design Sprint on that.

The old guard has fallen. The future is being built as I type. We want to empower people to be a core contributor to the design decisions that will shape Web 3.0

How can community members join your Guild? (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.)

Become an official Guild Member by joining out Community Hub
We are also active on Twitter
Upload our Product Demos to Youtube
Reach out on Telegram

Read our June-July Progress Update and Updated Roadmap