June-July Progress Update and Updated Roadmap

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Silicon Craftsmen and women, the mighty creative warriors of the Product and Design lands, eat their own dog food (we follow the practices we advocate for).

Every initiative we take is an experiment, based on a set of assumptions and one or more hypotheses that we try to validate.

Below is our progress so far, along with some insights on what we’ve learned and a restructured roadmap that we believe will get us closer to achieving our goals of building better products that will onboard the masses to Web 3.0

Progress June-Mid July

Over the last 6 weeks we have seen the following growth:

We’ve also had multiple 1–1 introductory calls with members of the Near Core team and other projects building on Near, including assisting projects such as Metapool and Ref Finance in their tokenomics and governance design.


Silicon Craftsmen is a Product of Products. We operate at the intersection of many, many rapidly evolving pieces in the ecosystem.

Creating a fixed roadmap with pre-determined deliverables runs the risk of being too rigid and failing to adapt and respond as fast as required to serve our community.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have clear guiding principles and priorities to attract new members, enabling them to identify areas of opportunity and to take proactive action.

We can’t tell what the products, projects or trends that would provide the most benefit to the ecosystem will be in three months, but we can build an agile infrastructure to tackle anything.

Guiding Principles

The Silicon Craftsment Roadmap consists of three core Guiding Principles, which embody our mission, values and priorities. Within these Guiding Principles or Operations Pillars, there are actionable items or series of items.

This structure has been designed to allow for rapid experimentation and rapid iteration.

All activities of the Silicon Craftsmen Guild will be measured against the Guiding Principles periodically to ensure that our objectives are being met and to reallocate resources where needed.

1. Introduction to NEARverse

The first Guiding Principle is focused on the growth of the ecosystem. The key areas of focus to achieve growth are:

  • Onboarding of new community members
  • Attracting new community members (Users, Builders — ambitious founders with ideas, and Developers)

Core Activities and Collaboration

2. Introduction to Product Thinking

The second Guiding Principle is focused on bringing the best Product Design practices and talent into the Near Ecosystem.

The focus of this pillar is around bridging the gap between ‘mainstream’ Product People and the Crypto World.

Core Activities and Desired Outcomes

  • Wild User Interviews (WUI) Podcast — Launching end July 2021
  • Introduction to Web 3.0 Workshop / Series — Q3
  • Introduction to Product Thinking / Web 3.0 Design Workshop / Series — Q3
  • Ideation Workshops leading up to Hackathons
  • Start and foster Web 3.0 Product Design conversations

Building Better Products

The final Guiding Principle is all about taking action.

In July we enrolled in the Design Sprint Workshop by AJ & Smart, a leading innovation consultancy based out of Berlin. We are constantly equipping ourselves with new tools and are looking forward to extending these to the Near ecosystem.

We have deliberately structured the Guiding Principles in a way that they complement each other in ways that create a virtuous cycle of growth: as we grow the ecosystem (new talent, new ideas), and we have the theoretical frameworks for improving products, now we want to put it all together and apply to real products.

Core Activities

  • Product & UX Design Workshops — Q3
  • We will be releasing a form for expressions of interest.
  • Case studies from the workshops we run — Q3

I see the word “growth” and I tag @ross :wink:

@satojandro so great to see what the Silicon Craftsmen are up to and envisioning (to the best of your ability!). Considering you have a focus on the growth of the ecosystem within your Guild activities, hopefully you’d be able to join these discussions Ross is hosting on a weekly basis [Thursday 29th being the first]: https://grownear.splashthat.com/


Also you should totally get @chloe on an upcoming edition of your podcast (love the name btw). Web 3.0 innovator and thought leader for sure and a strong community contributor.


@mecsbecs thanks for including me, I am really interested in the UX side of your offerings.
There are multiple great products on NEAR with the potential for mass consumer adoption.
(Ref Finance, Mintbase, etc …) These projects all need UX help to onboard and train new users more smoothly … ensuring a growing number of dApp users who understand the product.

This is really important to growing the NEAR ecosystem by getting new NEAR users involved with dApps that will inspire them to stick around.

  1. What’s the first step for these dApps to get a consultation & what does that look like?
    Additionally, what are the outputs of that consultation? Do you have the capability of implementing the changes you suggest or does that fall on the dApp team’s developers?

  2. Do you offer user testing services, where you get 20-50 people to use a new dapp and provide feedback on all the design improvements that should be implemented?

Love your direction, looking forward to working together.

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Hey @ross. I’m not sure if you’re aware yet but the SC recently launched “The Silicon Testers” program.

At the fundamental level, the program connect projects building on NEAR (Ref, Mintbase, Octopus + it’s appchains, new projects, etc) and users who are readily available to try out new products / services / features and provide feedback that would improve overall UX and even UI of these projects.

Here’s more details about the program on the SC community hub: Introducing: Silicon Testers | Silicon Craftsmen


Thanks @simeon4real this is great information to have!
I have plans to use this service for my own campaigns, will you keep us up-to-date on your work with Octopus, Mintbase, etc … if you need intros or anything let me know. Growth starts with simple UX, love it!