[Proposal] Design Jobs in Web 3.0 dApp funding

Ledum Prince Peter

Designer in Residence

Project Name: Uxers

6th January 2021


Brief overview of the project

Uxers is a website that aims to bridge the gap between products designers, researchers, strategists, creators, and Remote tech companies built on web 3, including all applications of blockchain technology.

Vision of the project

  • Understanding and analyzing user behavior for the explosive growth of progressive UX to key in new opportunities and eliminate the barriers of Web 3 adoption.
  • To convert requirements into effective and desirable outcomes to make web 3 more attractive to users and as a result, more profitable to web 3.

Key performance indicators as a list

  • Time On Task/success rate
  • Use of Navigation Vs. Search
  • User Error Rates
  • Drop-Off Rates
  • System Usability Scale (SUS)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Risks and threats to project success

  • Product Risk – User interface and experience is easy to determine by Project manager.
  • But the ability to explain the necessity of great UI/UX to starts up on web 3 and blockchain technology is the top priority.
  • Financial Risk – Kick starters and Investors are required fertile sources to the development of this project to achieve milestones and schedules.

Target Audience

  • Block chain Companies
  • Remote Tech Companies
  • Products Designers
  • Researchers
  • Strategists
  • Creators


  1. Uxers aims to create a clean, unclutched design to increase the speed of dApps on all devices, and thus, user satisfaction. Uxers optimizes and makes it as lightweight as possible by removing all the unnecessary elements.
  2. Uxers is working to perfect the UI/UX design of dApps to bring investment with immediate return. Great usability results in loyalty.

Why this project

  • This project is important to the web 3 and blockchain industry as it closes the gap between searching for UI/UX designers who knows nothing about cryptocurrencies and web 3.
  • Uxers narrows the search for great UI/UX and effective loyalty designs for dApps.
  • A reliable management solution for modern-day hiring problems.

What will you do

I want to create a website channel that makes the remote hiring journey easy and rewarding for both companies and designers. With Uxers, companies can hire pre-vetted, untapped creativity and remote design talent across the world. I also want to democratize opportunities for remote designers from around the world by offering them high-quality jobs with top firms.

This is focused on user interface and user experience on \web 3, blockchain technology, and dApps.

There is a huge success rate for this project because it is yet untapped particularly for web 3, blockchain, and dApps. Although there are other job offerings for developers and product designers from different websites not narrowed down to a niche only for designers niche in web 3, Blockchain, and dApps.

Uxers not only brings personal development but an In-depth designer profile to give the ability to the company to explore different designers on the site.


Milestone 1

Make a debut by 1st April 2022 and go into general availability by 1st June 2022.

Milestone 2

The number of users’ signups to Uxers reaches 1k and companies reaches 100 by 1st December 2022.


I have no team at the moment but would require a backend developer from the Near Ecosystem to work on the links and activities running on the website.

Key Assumptions

I have made research and analysis and finalized that there is a demonstrated need for UI/UX who are very familiar with web 3, dApps, and blockchain technology in the ecosystem.

Why will this fail

This project will fail if we fail to effectively communicate the aim of Uxers to the target audience and lack funding during the initial days of our startup.

Project Roadmap after the fellowship

  • Research to create modern solutions for hiring problems.
  • Fully Adapt to Near and thrive to have a significant recruiting edge for UI/UX designers.
  • Grow Uxers community.
  • Create more partnerships with existing startups to foster growth.

Compensation (in USD to be paid in NEAR Tokens)

9000 USD in NEAR tokens.

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Well written proposal! :tada:

There are quite a number of job boards aimed exclusively at crypto/Web3 right now. What makes this different?

Most of the aforementioned do have the ability to refine search results by role.

How does it integrate with NEAR?

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Yeah, they are quite a number of job boards for crypto/web3.
But this is specifically for designers, bringing creatives who have a perfect understanding of web 3 structures.

This will be built through simple, secure, and scalable technology on the near ecosystem to bring new experiences for an inclusive future of designs on web3.

How does it integrate with NEAR? Can you be more specific, please?

What does this mean?

I will integrate the dApp with NEAR Wallet.
A simple contract to store_id.

Integrating NEAR Wallet on Uxers would be simple and secured.

Awesome :tada:

Have you explored the possibility of a grant? I think that might be a more suitable funding approach:

Oh thanks.
I would check in on that now.

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