[INFORMATION] Giving the seed phrase from the wallets to Gambiarra DAO

Dear Community,

I left Gambiarra DAO some time ago and I would like to return to Gambiarra DAO the wallets I opened for the store. Now, I ask that someone from Gambiarra come to the Forum and take responsibility for the wallets and for the seed phrases.

I told Gambiarra that it is difficult to share a seed phrase, because of responsability reasons, and I sent to their new wallet everything that was in the old wallets. I also told them I could send everything from the wallets when they want. As they asked for the old wallets even tho, I would like to let it registered here that I will give them the seed phrase and I will remove myself from any responsibility concerning these wallets.


Seems like it would be simpler for now to just send any funds in the accounts to the DAO and transfer Mintbase store ownership to the DAO as well :ok_hand:t4:


Thank you so much, @chloe. I’ve already done it. The store was transfered and all the funds were sent to the new wallet the DAO created. They are worried now about the royalties associated to these wallets. I suggested to put a bot to transfer automatically the resources, but Gambiarra does not seem to accept this option.

I am informing here that I just passed the seed phrases from both wallets from Gambiarra to @Ghini, council member of Gambiarra DAO. Please, Ghini, I ask you to confirm here.

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@thephilosopher and all Gambiarra and Near community, I confirm that I have receivedthe seed phrases from both Gambiarra wallets: galeriagambiarra.near and gambiarra.near and sent to the other Gambiarra DAO councils @Dazo and @filmesdeinfiltracao.


Thank you very much @thephilosopher
Thank you @Ghini


Thank you too, @Dazo. Sorry for taking so long…


Hello @thephilosopher
Can we use this topic to articulate the transfer of ownership of the official telegram group?
I believe that we have already passed the 7-day deadline that was set up within telegram for 2-factor authentication.

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Yes, we can, Dazo. :pray: I’ve just passed the ownership of the telegram group to Ghini, one of the council members. Is that ok?

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And another thing, @Dazo, Ghini told me you found a way to change the seed phrase from the wallets. Have you done this already? :pray:

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