[Ideation] NxM Discord Tv

NxM Discord TV Africa

This is my ideation,we can create a channel in the NxM Discord server that will be streaming the YouTube video contents and interviews by the community creators twice in a week with goal to promote their content,keep the Discord active and unite the community fans and media partners .
This activity will hold 24 hours of every TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS by selecting the visual links in our NxM Social handles TG we will randomly showcase every content we have and consistently share flyers and links of playlist a week ahead of this weekly event with details of what we are doing and how to participate, earn recommendations and Crypto knowledge.
I would suggest we play every decent visual content by the community creators and maybe feature African contents which will spread across Afro music and cultural dance,displays and different tribal ideology. We have stories and raw traditions that will always bring people to NxM Discord by then attract huge fan page for investors and curators to the NEAR web3 ecosystem by promoting this contents in our various social media handles.
This event will be executed through sharing screens in the NxM Discord channel and chats in the NxM chat channel for comments and fans shout-outs.we propose the sum of 150N weekly for this breakdown.
Data bill= 30N weekly
Near tip to streamers=50N weekly
Electricity bill=30N weekly
Graphics=10N weekly
Guest performance =30N weekly
Sum Total=150N weekly
Payout: dedeukwu.near


Hey @Dedeukwu a small administrative note: I added the “nxm-dao” tag to your post for easier review from the NxM facilitators! Something to do moving forward in addition to posting under the 'NxM Guild (Near x Music) subcategory as you did. :+1:t4:
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Great idea to activate the NxM Discord! I’m seeing this as a monthly initiative, so let’s work out the budget and milestones so we can get this set up for July.

If we can look at setting the monthly budget as follows:

  • 100N for Tips
  • 50N for Graphics
  • 100N for guest performances
  • 200N for production/organizing

Totaling 450 N per month

@Grace @JMaenen @zeitwarp any thoughts?


Looking good! Let’s work on those milestones to ensure we are heading in the same direction!

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Yes, I’m happy with that.

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Nice,that’s a better idea Vandal

Thanks for polishing the proposal for me