NxM IG live chat

Near X Music being the first music guild in the Near blockchain and thriving across different continent with the power to democratize and collaborate with creators and building Nations in the space like the CTRL,C1,404 GLOBAL COLLECTIVES project under the DAORECORDS.
For the obvious fact that Twitter is the blockchain community platform still does not tie us to be limited in reaching out to other traditional & digital creative space like INSTAGRAM in order to pass the good news of Near blockchain across to them and relate the benefits and basic of using the chain.
With my idea of IG LIVE CHAT it will enable a 1 hour 2 days in a week live chat with digital and traditional creators to answer their questions and help them actualize their Near wallet,mint their content,share some Near bounties to keep the information spreading.This process will help me reach out to the 1 MILLION AFRICANS i envision to onboard to the web3 ecosystem with consistent process.
We plan to feature different creators around that is willing to educate and answer to the newbies as well as tagging @Nxmlive @Daorecords @Nearprotocol @Mintbase and every other INSTAGRAM page related to the NEAR ECOSYSTEM.


The IG live chat is aiming to create live interaction and community updates to creators that can’t understand the features of Discord,Telegram and Twitter while they gradually get to explore everything,we will gladly love to use the @nxmlive IG page for this weekly event or create a new account if that’s the best option,As there is no one personally assigned for this chat we will always make sure to change speakers/moderators often depending on our activity schedule.

The NXM LIVE CHAT will feature attractions like:
~Near Airdrops to participants
~Free Near wallet
~Community collaborations
~Near news and updates
~Live cipher/show works from Newbies
~Community collaborations

Each session of NXM IG LIVE CHAT will be recorded for documentary purposes.
WEEKLY BUDGET of 100 NEAR requested…



This is a great proposal Dedeukwu! Will you be using the NxM Live Instagram account for this? Ok will there be another NxM account created on Instagram? Feel free to submit your proposal to the DAO here - SputnikDAO


I think it’s cool to use the NxM Live instagram account while we manage it together,thank you Vandal.

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Makes sense, since you’re also involved in the proposal Event DAO! Just make sure to get Aylex to share the login details with you :slight_smile:

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I like the approachability of using IG Live to get better connected with the musicians of the continent-wide blockchain community (and hopefully beyond)!

What sort of bounties will you planning on including as part of this project?


The bounty is a Near tips to the creators(participants) that successfully set up their Near wallet,download/install the necessary Applications/Softwares like DISCORD,TELEGRAM,TWITTER,AIRMEET,CLUBHOUSE,ZOOM needful for the Near blockchain meetings in order to keep consistency.This bounty transfer will occur while on the IG LIVE CHAT, that way we can motivate others to do same in order to get like 2 NEAR in their newly created wallet.

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It might be cool to connect with someone within the community/the Guild or even the 4NTS Guild (who handle NEAR ecosystem-wide community marketing endeavours) to also offer a bounty for whoever out of the IG Live Chat attendees wants to write a blog linking to the saved IG Live and to highlight any exciting community news or announcements as a means of building hype in between chats and to help get eyes asynchronously.

Would also be great if there was a space generally where all musicians could shill their work inbetween IG Lives - and sounds like you might have either Discord or Telegram for that already. At this point I’m just riffing along generally so I’ll say good luck and leave you to it!

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Thank you for the idea Mecsbecs,that’s definitely a great strategy to build hype …I believe a lot of creatives around would love to write a blog linking to the activities and info in the saved IG LIVE CHAT,yes we already have the NxM discord channel for such activity for those that understand the features and that would serve a great purpose in our YouTube channel as well but I don’t know any one in the NEAR ecosystem-wide community marketing that can offer such bounty to volunteers .Please recommend if you know any let’s make it worth it.

You could have the bounties within the NxM community to start because this is the immediate group who would want to be getting the word out anyway, so you might as well incentivize and reward them to do so, but as I mentioned reaching out to the 4NTS Guild to talk cross-promotion would be a good step as well. They’re open to chat!

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i sent a direct message to their Twitter handle