[Ideation hackathon] WIXAPP, turning mexican’s indigenous art and culture into NFT’s

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Title: WIXAPP, turning mexican’s indigenous art and culture into NFT’s

In Mexico there are nearly 12 million people that belong to indigenous cultures, or also called original cultures. These original cultures have an historical, but current, rich culture formed by a diversity of arts, songs, clothing, poetry and many other cultural expressions. Sadly, in the last 10 years the original culture population has been reduced by almost 3 millions, and many of their cultural expressions are at risk of disappearing.

In other hand, the original cultures work is popullary considered low-cost, on this the biggest gain goes for those intermediaries that remains far from giving real credit and fair gains for those original artists. Most of original cultures in Mexico suffer of discrimination, poberty and loss of identity.

The original cultures need a direct way to sell their art, without depending on intermediaries, using innovative and digital ways that can maximize their expositions worldwide and claiming gains directly. As a plus, the diffusion of how their culture has existed through history.

WIXAPP is the first original cultures oriented NFT gallery focused on digitilalizing and exposing cultural expressions. As functional requirements of the app we consider: Create new NFT’s with sound, videos or images, add cultural information about NFT, add artist bio, add info about artist original culture, show original culture galeries, support artists work and communities through donations.

Artist donation would work through the proposal of artists for working in their communities on: (1) Digital and cultural education and (2) connectivity and equipment; considering the people of original cultures that live outside cities.

In other ways, using the NEAR ecosystem could bring a solution to the bankarized economic system that, in most cases, results in expensive for those poor and marginalized communities of original cultures that are not viable to have access to traditional banks.

WIXAPP works for those who have the richest as fragilest cultural expressions, the mexican original cultures.


Hi Alan, want to be sure I’m understanding the project =)

Regarding the artworks: Is this an onboarding effort? Are you going to be getting these cultural artists NEAR wallets and minting their work in a store?

Regarding the artist donations: will you run a DAO where artists will submit proposals for education and equipment?

You said there are 12 million people in the indigenous/original cultures. How many artists do you plan to feature a month?

Thanks for the additional details!



Answering to your questions:

1.- yes, the idea is that this cultural artist have full control over their art. They have to be instructed over wallets.

  1. We not sure about DAO because we have not Yet analyzed if this is the best way, but is a possibility.

  2. We want to test and fix before expand. Un our city we can have contact with at least 10 artists for first month. Having feedback on this pilot we can do the next step on expansion and growth.


Approved and looking forward to seeing some of the art on Mintbase.

As @starpause pointed out this is a better fit for NFT Onboarding - NEAR Forum where you might want to send your next proposal steps.


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