[Ideation] Generative video art

We have generative interactive art, 3D models & images, even music I think. Why not video? I haven’t seen that yet.
Video is my favorite medium to use. Having the ability to write code (or use a tool to help write it, for non-coders) and then mint it for generative video NFTs would be amazing! Maybe one can upload a few images or videos & determine parameters for how they should transition or be cut together or mix using one as a filter to another. Maybe you can choose for it to randomly pick between some different processes that you determine when uploading. Ability to add audio the videos & have it be generative/random would be cool too!


Voted up on the DAO.

Did you see the launch of GNR8 on testnet during the hackathon? I think seriously.js could be used with that to create some interesting generative artwork!

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There is a lot of ideas but seems like there is a thread: storing on-chain parameters to recreate the video but not the media itself, the media should be stored on something like Filecoin or Arweave.

You would need to keep a hash of media in the NFT contract and I’m not sure what’s the strategy/algorithm to do that with videos?

For the not too distant future, cause it’s still in its early stages, but generating videos out of initial and ending frames will be interesting for generative art.

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Thanks you!!
I did not see that, I’ll check it out more because that sounds amazing!

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Yeah, I’m honestly not sure how to any anything generative personally, but it would super cool to see with videos! Online video editors & converters already exist & some things, like WIX can take images & put them into a video generator, so to do that with NFTs on NEAR would be amazing! Maybe the stored data it pulls from could just be images, like most generative art so far, but then the final step is to string it into a video or a series of images into a video or something.

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