[Ideation] Community Squad Token

The NEAR Community Squad wants to dogfood our own social token. Right now the goal is to extend the Squad / Street Team vibe to all members of NEAR and the NEAR community. Encouraging people to support each other and fly the NEAR flag in an authentic way.

Some thoughts and questions we’ve had around direction:


  • Kudos to each other (we already have the TG tipbot in this vein)
  • Reputation/skill/novelty award NFTs
  • Discord/telegram/reddit status


  • Don’t want to encourage tech support, especially around wallet (which goes to ZenDesk).
  • Do want people to be informed on fundamental marketing and community etiquette.
  • Do want people to use the CommunityOS knowledge base / wiki / playbook.
  • Do want people to share constructive feedback.
  • Do want people to bring friends into the fold, gift NEAR wallets, NFTs, etc.

This post is a rough start to get the conversation going :nerd_face:


After a session with Nicole we came to the following:

Pain point: Having lots of discords confuses people.

Solve: This token (and a collab.land bot) could be a way of threading all of those together. The FT and NFT that are purchased with FT could be displayed the same across discords. It could even be used to have pingable roles (dev, designer, ux, pm, memelord, etc) persist across different discords.

Token mechanics:

  • No liquidity pool. Focusing on the social exchange of tokens and their value being an indicator of completing tasks or helping others.
  • DAO will commission artwork for the NFT badges.
    • These should be informed by the NEAR brand to help tie all the different servers together.
    • Don’t need to be strict about brand guidelines, can have community flavor.
  • NFT Badges
    • Badges can be awarded directly for attending events (POAP style).
    • Amount of FT required to purchase NFT badge(s) will be determined by DAO (will need a configurable dApp for these conversions).
    • Specificity in badges is important. If the badges don’t celebrate a skill/role/event/achievement they won’t have value over holding a certain # of FT.
      • Could even be as specific as minting an NFT graphic that pulls in user discord profile picture, stats, other NFT badges, etc.
  • Gating content/channel access isn’t a primary use case but something to keep in mind.


  • Check with collab.land on feasibility of cross discord bot @jamesyoung @anjali
  • Finalize a name (internal discussion to prevent token squatting)
  • Check out to actually transfer tokens once they are created in sputnik v2

@Sofia_Alum will need to keep tabs on this as it would be cool to build out for OWS! (With the ‘partycipation’ token being our jumping-off-point)


OWS is definitely one of the discords where this could fit in. The fact that Collab Land bots are already on both OWS and NEAR Protocol Discords make a prime pair for testing the concept of cross-discord roles.

Is partycipation a FT?

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