I-O-T DAO update

This post is to give the community an update on I-O-T DAO that was launched in November last year [INTRO] I-O-T DAO launched on Astro

“He who plants a walnut tree expects not to eat the fruit” is the translation of a traditional Italian proverb, which basically means that some things in life can take time to come into fruition.

The aims and objectives set out in the introduction include the following:

The first tools that the DAO is focused on building are based on one of the functions of money - medium of exchange Money - Wikipedia

A token is a representation of value that can be used to transact for goods and services IRL, but most of the community projects funded in NEAR by @creativesdao-mods and @marketingdao-council will be exchanged into local fiat currency.

This DAO is looking to build the tools to facilitate transactions without the need to exchange.

Transact in NEAR is the working title for a project to build two mobile apps:

  1. Pricing - QR code label generator ‘price gun’ using Bluetooth label printer

This app consists of a page where the user enters the vendor wallet address and item price in NEAR. Click generate button and connect to printer. Print out label. The label is then attached to the physical item.

  1. Payment - qr code scanner

This app consists of a screen where the user opens a QR code scanner (using the device camera). When opened the app automatically links to buyers wallet, selects send, fills vendors wallet address and amount when QR code is scanned. Click pay button to complete purchase.

Both of the apps will use a ‘Connect to Near’ wallet plug-in.

The DAO intends to post a Bounty to fund the development of the two apps, and we are actively reaching out to software developers outside the community.

Please comment or DM if you would like assist!


A great initiative that we await its launch day.

Great idea and we can implement MVP on Adalo. We have experience integrating Near with this mobile nocode tool. It will be great if we find a use in this matter.
Also I would like to ask about NFC tags and bluetooth connections. We can think in this direction too.
This is example of integration in Adalo: Adalo example application with fungible tokens smart contract - YouTube


I made a small example for qr code scanner. Please check this)


Hi @Ell just watched your video. This looks like a good start and it’s great to see that the basic idea works.

Building NFC and Bluetooth components will expand the potential of the apps. They can also be used to operate a full POS (point of sale) platform which is the goal.

Thanks for your input


This is a great work here. Thanks for hard work