How to Convert NEAR Tokens

Hello Team,

I wanted to know how to convert my NEAR tokens from my Near Wallet, so that I can widraw in USD or EUROs.

If someone can explain me the entire process would be of great help along with the reputed exchanges.


Hi you can go to and do the swap from each token to stnear or to usdc… you will see options to choose from. However you have to be mindful not to lose your coins.

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Hello, Im thinking you want to withdraw fiat.

Create an account in Binnance or other exchange…

Send your Near, via your app.mynearwallet, to your exchange (binnance) via near Network always.
Always choice near network.

Have some videos in internet.

Create your account in exchange and after Comeback.

After your account creation on Exchange, send a message here and I will help in the forum.
i will never send a direct message, for you! never!

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stNear? what stNEAR have some relations with that(withdraw in fiat)?
please @Purpledots check the question.thanks for help

Yes, I have created, kindly assist.

The reason I am asking here is coz I asked few NEAR Community member on telegram and most of them tried to scam, one guy said send it to me I will transfer USDT :rofl:

Step one:

On binnance:

click on #deposit;

Deposit cripto;

On cripto search: NEAR;

Click on Near Protocol;

Select the network: Near Protocol;

Copy the deposit address (big code);

Ok this is your address in Binnance Near Address.

Go to my near wallet !!

Press send on your near wallet;

Select Asset: Near ( only near)
if you have usdt , swap to near using 0.1% of floating price checked button.

After swap and after pressed send and choosed Asset Near Protocol;

Choose the amount in $ near, continue;

Now appear the address that you want to send your amount in $ Near;

Paste the address that you copied on binnance (big code)

Press send ! #continue button

Pay the transaction and goal.

After 1 minute

Comeback to you binnance

On Binnance go to “wallet”;

Go to “Spot”

Find your Near and now swap to Fiat (euro or usdt)

Click on fiat ( on spot)
And withdraw your usdt or euro to your account bank.

Any doubt, send message here!
Never direct me

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Thanks :pray: