Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [FritzWagner#6722]

Hello Neareans ! =) Happy to contribute again this month.

Type of activity:

Content Creation → Do a complete write-up

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500 words about NEAR + own graphic

863 words + own graphic

1015 words + own graphic

311 words + own graphic

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But do we still need to prepare a video or document on How to open/create a NEAR WALLET?
“IMake sure your content is unique: check if the video you plan to make has already been made by someone else (for example no need to create yet another ‘How to make a NEAR wallet’ video, there are plenty of those already”
Thats from the quality guidelines page, i know its for the video but we already have a lot of content on NEAR WALLET.
@williamx Will love to see your reactions on the same :slight_smile:


You are right, but I made this content on my own way to explain the difference on free wallet and the deposit manual issue. so, it was useful.

Check this post:

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No idea if that will be helpful or not.
But in general (not necessary) a new user on any network will try to create a wallet and if faced with any difficulty will go on youtube and still if not solved will ping @KriptoRaptor on telegram for the same.
Hoping this post from you can break the general notion which is in my head.
Thanks a lot for the explantion @FritzWorm

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Hi, Approved by OWS Moderator for 295 USD


Yeah you have points there. But I personally think It’s good to have a couple of different explanatory content on same topic/feature as long as alike content doesn’t require a lot of funding :+1:

to me it’s more important to make that content visible than just create and leave it there.
We should look into ways linking such content with each other and offering them in a golden plate to the new comers or yet to come :wink: