Hey @Dacha, the Community want you on my Podcast

As the title, after the vote from my community and you are the strongest contenders among all.

So what do you say? Let’s collaborate?
If this happens, I will double the airdrop from my own monei!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Cc @Dacha


Oh please ! This is going to be awesome !!! Could we do have more participants on this podcast ? if so I want to fill the form to propose my self as a participant lol xD

Well, at least I am going to do some questions, hope I will not miss this :rocket:

Thank You very much for invitation, but I’m definitely boring person for this :joy:.

I would like to see on your show great community contributors like @grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR @chloe @vandal


I mean it is only a couple of questions at all. Just 30 minute of podcast. If you saw the podcast with @rimberjack . 30 mins went extremely fast and I am assured that you still stay anonymous and you don’t even need to speak that much. :joy: :rofl: :slight_smile:

As I and many people find your works, your contributions to the NearEcosystem are quite unique and We are enormously thrilled to ask you some question.

So what do you think? Let’s do a quick and fast podcast ey???

Adding to this, I was on the quest to find you personally on multiple tg channel
Here is a small talk that I thought @Ralfusha from swine guild was you and I was trolled :)) but giving up shouldn’t be an option.

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Dacha u will remain anonymous and u will have the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about things that could be improved in the distribution of the funds of the NF. This is part of the governance because is part of the dinamic of the community decision process

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Somehow this Topic is even hotter than my Proposal for the podcast
Kinda feeling weird!!!

cc @Dacha