[Closed] Instagram Community Accounts

@Ralfush in TG is ready to start this work for $300 a month.

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Well yeah ! I can find right now a professional for this.

Login • Instagram → RRSS :chart_with_downwards_trend::iphone:(DM)

Login • Instagram → personal project of her

She take care of several RRSS with a team of hers. This will be easy for her.

Let me know if you are hiring then for $300

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Edit: Meme erased because it was not a good joke for Naveen, sorry for my sense of humor

Explained: You are right ! We went on the proposal from $3000 to $300 because of DACHA so there is the joke.
Love your work with NearMemeDaily on twitter ! :boom::rocket::1st_place_medal:

Also → I did want to see this proposal approved, Instagram is the most important social network at least were I live, very good for marketing.

CC: @Dacha @naveen_in

Just for fun :v: :sunglasses: :beers:

Also, I love the work on https://twitter.com/NearMemeDaily :rocket:

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:v: :beers: :sunglasses: Awesome proposal → I will say you can test those community manager to see their work on the first week.

Tip: You can review their previous work. They should have proof that they are actually community managers with Instagram experience


Hey! I am not charging anything for this work.
Even the NEAR MEME DAILY is operational without any fundings for this month till now.


I know ! I know hehehe it was for fun. Take a look of this post:

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@naveen_in Hey there!

I am ready to offer my candidacy:

  • an active user of social networks, Instagram of course, too

  • I have a lot of free time, I can select interesting and high-quality content

  • In touch 24/7

:writing_hand:t4:Ping me here or in Telegram @prince_mk


Hi, I am interested, having good skills with IG also :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m ready to actively promote Instagram and do PR near. my insta @artifex_travels I travel to many countries of the world and keep my blog. I can create and edit various travel videos with the support of near.


Hey hey!

Would these not be essentially the same thing?

I think $3,000 is excessive when these Instagram accounts don’t currently exist and don’t have any traction or followers.

Are these pages already live? Is that the case? And I’m just too inept at using Instagram to find them haha :sweat_smile:


yea, thats why you have to be diplomatic

Both are going to be used for different kind of posts.
near.updates will have daily three posts covering

  1. $NEARUSDT price chart
  2. NEAR education
  3. NEAR Guilds

and nearprotocol_news will cover

  1. Infographic tweets of Twitter covering NEAR and it’s dapps.
  2. About NFTs initiatives [Gaming/Marketplace/Communities]

$1500 for each account was proposed based on the following estimates

  1. 10+ hours weekly engagement to grow followers [ $20/hr = $200 ]
  2. Designing 21 posts a week [ $5x21 = $105 ]
  3. Weekly work on reels and stories + paid advertisements [ $100 ]

I have made the similar post for 4 IG accounts earlier with the same proposed amount and no comments related to price were discussed which made me believe that the proposed amount was okay. Now, this time the post has received entries to do the same work in $300. I need a week time to connect with them all and understand if they fit according to the requirement. Then based on the amount they propose, the post can be edited.

Only nearprotocol_news is live right now with no activity and zero followers. The other account is not live yet.


So I can help you to create NEAR protocol history in Instagram : ping me here or in Telegram @prince_mk

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I do appreciate the initiative and motivation. However, I feel we are falling on the same path to uncoordinated and aimless objectives. I still don’t understand what success looks like here? What metrics would be used to measure your hard work’s performance.

If we don’t have targets, this makes no sense, this will end up being ghost account.

Secondly, I feel it is necessary to reiterate that we reward work completed, not plans. We encourage you to develop and follow a plan that demonstrates your value and shows that you are committed to make this work. This is how we build trust in our community.


After seeing OWS claims for the months and speaking of the 3 twitter accounts, Most of the work stands cancelled or rejected. Thats the difference between one handled by someone who had an experience in past and had delivered results vs 3 twitter accounts who will do the work and most probably face a rejection at the end of month.
After having a glance on the messages on claims and responses thats my take on the same.
Either we can go for quality or quantity.

Hello, @naveen_in

Let’s Connect and create, and Instagram page, I am a digital marketer

  • We can Promote our NFT and collaborate with some crypto and NFT influencer
  • We can DO paid and organic campaigns to outreach internal and external audience
    and lost of activities we can do , I have case study of Waves EGG
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Hey all :wave:

Would love to see something like this started as a low-key passion project first, rather than a full scale marketing initiative.

It’s worth noting a couple of things here, too:

  • The MarketingDAO is not a decentralised Marketing arm of the NEAR Foundation or NEAR Inc. Rather, we exist to enable individuals, projects, and Guilds to achieve success in their Marketing initiatives.

  • NEAR Foundation has its own internal Marketing arm and team to spread awareness of NEAR and the ecosystem.

  • I (personally) :heart: funding projects which exist to assist other projects in the NEAR Ecosystem, rather than just rehash news about NEAR itself.

  • This means that in a lot of cases I personally am not keen to fund data aggregation projects like the above, particularly in the early stages. However, should it blossom into something beautiful (see: NEARWEEK) then I’d happily look further into it :muscle:


Hi Everyone,

I have been a freelancer myself in the field of Digital Marketing.

As a freelancer you get payed monthly but there is a parameter that we need to mention: how much time the person spends on the project.

I’m now living in Portugal and the minimum that a good content creator/social media manager charges to publish 2 posts per week is 100 to 150 euros. Here we are speaking about 90 posts per month (3 per day).

Moreover, regarding Instagram the number of followers is the most visible parameter but is not the most valuable. What has a value on Instagram is the engagement.

No-one wants to see a page that has thousands of followers but when something is posted no-one interacts because they are all or “follow to be followed”/ghost followers.

I know a person (that is helping me out with the Italian Instagram page) that can be a good profile to help out, but for sure it will not charge 300$ pm for 90 posts.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great evening :slight_smile:

ah, If I can suggest a tag would be:



With this work, we will increase the count visibility of our proposed tags. These tags can then be used further by other community accounts as well to boost the visibility of NEAR work on IG. Right now the current status of our proposed tags are

  • #NEARProtocol : 2550
  • #NEARnews : 70
  • #NEARcoin : 75
  • #NEARtrading: 3
  • #NEARnft: 1103

With three posts from a single account using these 5 tags, two accounts will make an impact of 2 X 5 X 30 days = 300 count [60 for each tag]

If we continue this trend for 30 days, the minimum count of tags will increase to

  • #NEARProtocol : 2550 + 60 = 3110
  • #NEARnews : 70 + 60 = 130
  • #NEARcoin : 75 + 60 = 135
  • #NEARtrading: 3 + 60 = 63
  • #NEARnft: 1103 + 60 = 1163

and at least 10% growth at the initial level can be achieved by other IG accounts who will start to use these tags after seeing the engagement.

I will get the work started after interviewing the participants who have shown interest in the work. Then at the end of December month, I will post the proposal request for its budget with the report.


Hi @David_NEAR

This project has nothing to relate to the marketing arm of the NEAR Foundation. It will focus only to promote the work of guilds, DAOs, and individual projects, etc with normal posts to grow the count of our proposed tags by us and other accounts of IG.

  • At this early stage, we can start by sharing the posts along with the tags.
  • For this amount of work, the engagement on the accounts will be around 1 hour a day. Which will also change the proposed budget amount.
  • As of now seeing the comment section, we have people who are ready to do this job work for $300 a month.
  • Hence, the overall budget requirement can be reduced to $300 for one account which we can propose at the end of this month with the report.