Healing through poetry therapy- an anthology addressing various social vices in Nigeria

Anthology proposal

PROJECT TITLE: Healing through poetry therapy- an anthology addressing various social vices in Nigeria.

Proponent: oblakofficialss

Near account for payment: oblakofficialss.near

Project duration: 25 days (September 5th-30th)

Requested amount: $500

Greetings everyone,

As we continue to invest our time in various projects that are relevant to the NEAR ecosystem, I’d be using this opportunity to share my proposal with the community as it borders around pressing issues in the Nigerian space which is also obtainable in other climes as a shared problem we seek to correct using one of the most efficient methods of poetry therapy.


Poetry in its most dilute form, whether written or spoken has passed through the test of time to show empathy and a sense of self worth to those who are able to connect with its message. Healing and recovery are one of the primary purposes of poetry especially for victims who are trying to reconnect with their old self and inner mind. How this is achieved still remains a mystery to those who are yet to openly embrace this truth.

The National association for poetry therapy highlighted its benefits to include an increased self and interpersonal awareness, increased sense of validation in voicing ones truths, and an enhanced capacity to capture and reframe significant life stories.

The project is aimed at addressing various social vices in Nigeria as there has been increasing cases of such illicit acts recently. First, it broadly addresses the vices individually by gathering data from respondents after survey with two different poems dedicated to each vice as a means for correction and healing using rhymes. The author seeks to address the top ten trending social vices such as Gambling, Cultism, Prostitution, Political thuggery, Kidnapping, Stealing, Drug abuse, Cyber crimes, Armed robbery and Pipeline vandalism with their respective poems placed side by side for deep reflection by possibly visiting some of these areas where each vice is predominant for first hand information and observing statistics from other affected states. Some of the likely states in view are Lagos, Ogun, Imo and Edo states. Also, these poems will be translated in Pidgin English (a common language spoken by the Nigerian populace) for a better comprehension and wider reach targeted towards the growing Nigerian Youths population who are mostly affected.


To determine and address predominant social vices affecting the Nigerian populace and introducing poetry as a form of healing for victims of these vices. This will include a thorough explanation of each vices with their accompanying poems side by side and which will also be translated in Pidgin English.The final edition of this work will be minted on the Writer’s guild mintbase store by splitting revenue and royalties where 25% would go to the Writer’s Guild and 75% of the proceeds to the author.


September 5th-15th — Research & writing (1st half)

September 10th-15th — Cover art bounty

September 16th — Translation

September 20th — Research & writing (2nd half)

September 30th — submission of final report


Writing & Research- $400 in DAI

Translation- $50 in DAI

Cover art bounty- $50 in DAI

Total: $500 in DAI