[PROPOSAL] Can there be Poetry in Health?

[Proposal | NEAR] Janaina Steiger

Proponent: @ janainasteiger

NEAR account for payment: janasteiger.near

Project duration: 30 days

Requested amount: 750 USD in NEAR

Project name: Can there be Poetry in Health? (working title)


Publication of a book with the working title “Can there be Poetry in Health? About the pain that is not marked and the sensitivity that is not told”, by Janaína Steiger. A book of Brazilian contemporary poetry resulting from a Residency Final Work (in portuguese, “Trabalho de Conclusão de Residência”, TCR) in the speciality of Family and Community Health. Based on theories, practices and references experienced by the author during the COVID-19 pandemic period, the work establishes an important dialogue between Psychology, Public Health and Poetry.

The project consists of two stages, the first for editing and the second for publishing, as detailed below. This proposal refers only to the first stage.


The TCR is a mandatory step of the Multiprofessional Residency in Family and Community Health, a lato sensu postgraduate course, linked to the Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. The original project consists of a technical-scientific work, presented individually and evaluated by a panel composed by academic area members.

This work was fully written during the COVID-19 pandemic, and narrates excerpts from the daily life of a SUS (Brazil’s Public Health System) unit. Through poems in free verse, reference footnotes, dialogues with the reader and photographic records of the environments, the author invites us to enter this health service, highlighting details of this kind of work not only in the pandemic, but also bringing the singularities that this context has imposed.

Furthermore, the choice of fragments and highlighted points concerns an ethical-political position, which seeks a critical look at the effects of different social markers, especially gender, race and social class.

The work intends to be a testimonial and memory of the experience lived by health professionals during the pandemic, in this case in particular, at the level of Primary Health Care. So that won’t be forgotten and becomes less likely to be repeated. Besides, the poetry, as well as the dialogical and literary tone of writing, show its sensitive and affective character, intending to expand the reach usually taken by academic works in traditional formats, such as articles and essays.

As it was originally a Final Work, the project now needs adaptations to become a literary work, which involves editing, proofreading, diagramming and creating a graphic project that will adapt the content to printed book and NFT formats, which will be done by NADA∴Studio Criativo.

Justification and public

We believe that the project has potential relevance due to the innovative way it was proposed and approved by the Academy as a Residency Final Work. The project intends to make feasible the editorial services needed for the next stage, where we’re gonna print 200 copies of which 100 will be sold and 100 will be distributed in strategic events focused on health professionals who are daily impacted by the experience presented through of the book narrative, as well as users of the Unified Health System (SUS), intending to make them aware of the difficulties faced by this constantly threatened public service.

In addition, the book also intends to reach other people interested in poetry or those who want to be closer to different experiences during the pandemic, when collective exchanges were so limited.

Project timeline

The project is divided into two stages, the first one related to the editorial processes for the production of digital files for printing and NFT creation; and the second for printing, publicity and book launch actions. This proposal encompasses the first stage and follows the schedule below:

08 days — Edition

08 days — Proofreading

01 day — Ongoing report

12 days — Graphic design and layout

01 day — File exports, NFT minting and final report


350 USD in DAI for Text editing (@bagadefente & @aandz, 175 USD each)

180 USD in DAI for Proofreading ( @ anacmoura)

220 USD in DAI for Graphic design and layout (@bagadefente & @aandz, 110 USD each)


I chose to use all the requested funding to pay for the services, as this way I’ll get the book done and the opportunity to sell it as NFTs and printed editions.

First stage deliveries

  1. Complete PDF e-book version, with additional images, minted as NFT at Writer’s Guild store on Mintbase, with splits to our DAO (20%) and myself (80%);

  2. Visual pieces for advertising on all available media channels and profiles: the author, the book crew, NADA∴Studio Criativo, Writer’s Guild, Telegram groups and in Fazia Poesia channels.

(Fazia Poesia is the major Brazilian contemporary poetry publication on Medium).

Additional benefits

Writer’s Guild logo on the book cover, Near logo on the back cover.
Mention at the beginning of the book citing the funding by both, promoting and encouraging other people to know and get closer to the Near ecosystem, especially this guild.

Introducing the Near ecosystem and the Writer’s Guild within the Fazia Poesia community.


Book Printing

After the NFT minting, we will propose the second and last stage to this guild, for book printing, launching and advertising, making this project a kind of phygital experiment

Half of the intended print run (100 copies of 200) will be available to sell and the other half will be distributed free of charge to Public Health professionals in Health Centers in the city of Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

If for some reason that’s not possible, we are going to try to reach other DAOs, like Near Publish or similar ones, and ask for funding. As a last “plan C”, we’ll try to get funding for this through crowdfunding.


As a new user in Near, I can’t mention more than 2 users neather links, so I’ll let them here:
@anacmoura will be the responsible for the proofreading.
And these are some Instagram links: Janaína Steiger’s profile and Fazia Poesia community.

Feel free to ask me anything that’s not clear.

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Hello, @janainasteiger!

Just passing to remember that today is the due date for posting the reports for ongoing and/or concluded projects from June! How is it going?



Project name: Can there be Poetry in Health?

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting: Editors @aandz and @bagadefente are finalizing the editing stage by July 6th. After that, the book will be sent for proofreading, followed by the layout and graphic design stage.

Updated Project Timeline: The timeline for this project started only after the first hal payout, so the editing work started only in June 27th and, as we worked with days and not dates, we’re gonna update it here:

July, 7-18th — Proofreading
July, 20th - August, 3rd — Book design and layout
August, 4th — NFT minting and final report

Highlights: During the edit process, we’ve identified that the project includes, at least, three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly (UN-GA). We are working on that to get more insights and better explain this in the final report.

Resources: The first half payout has already been made and we will carry out the first part of the payment for the team.

If needed, we can do another report when the book design stage begins, but feel free to ask if you have any doubts or there’s something unclear.


Thank you for the report and the updated timeline! When you get to the book layout stage, feel free to do another report with some supporting images. Excited to see the result next month!


So am I! Thank you for the support, @AshleyC ! I’ll be back with images when book design stage begins.



Project name: Can there be Poetry in Health?

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting: Poems edition and proofreading has been finished. Until tomorrow, we are going to review all the extra texts (preface, introduction, editors’ note, etc) and start book design next Monday.

Updated Project Timeline: We invited two people to write the preface and flap texts, and this took more than expected. All other editorial steps also took a bit longer to be done carefully, so we’re a little late according to the initial proposal. Here is the updated timeline:

August, 8th - August, 21th — Book design and layout (diagramation, cover art, etc)
August, 22th – File exports, NFT minting and final report

Highlights: We are doing cover art studies and we intend to use cyanotype techniques on it. The title has been changed from Can there be Poetry in Health? to Eyes in comma (Olhos em vírgula, in Portuguese, phrase taken from a poem from the book). I’ll let here an image to make you more curious about this project! (the system doesn’t allow me to put more than one midia, that was my intention)

Resources: The first half payout has already been made for the team and we are gonna request the second half after book minted.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or there’s something unclear.