Have Sight of your Crypto with Opto Wallet

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know about a new wallet for the NEAR ecosystem which includes Aurora and Octopus. I’m referring to Opto Wallet that is already available on Google play and Apple Store. If you have the ability to please test out this product for me and tell me what you think. It has ledger wallet integrated as well as WalletConnect so you can connect to evm chains like Aurora. We will be crossing over into other chains also such as Aptos so hope this type of wallet assists you well. https://optowallet.com/

Opto Wallet is also participating in Metabuild and we hope to win one of the prizes.
Xoth was the original name of our wallet but we decided to do a rebrand before we more familiar to the NEAR community. Here’s a medium for more information.

Wallet options with Opto Wallet