HERE Wallet application for Onboard DAO

Project Information

HERE Wallet

Proposal to develop an independent infrastructure for HERE Wallet and Ledger integration to work with NEAR Protocol

HERE Wallet was launched in July 2022 and has been the primary mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol ever since. Now more than 50k wallets are connected.

HERE now supports

  • View/transfer tokens to NEAR
  • View/translate NFT/SBT
  • Signing transactions via wallet selector
  • Access key manager
  • Build in liquid staking (audited by Otter Sec)
  • Swaps via Ref Finance and Orderly
  • NEAR Social profile
  • Sending money by phone number
  • Send and receive linkdrops with keypom
  • BOS Notifications
  • Delegated transactions (gas-free) for new users
  • Free .near addresses
  • Aurora support
  • Supports withdrawals and bank card purchases

Project’s Category:

Onboarding / Infrastructure

Previous Funding

HERE Wallet received 2 grants from NF (30+50k) and raised 220k venture capital money

Project’s URLs

Project Website:

Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @herewallet

Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @herewalletchat



Applicant Information

Volnov Petr ( - CEO

NEAR Wallet ID: mydev.near

Wallet ID that will be receiving funds: bcf0331ce045187e72b6c89e73dbd7bcef0959bf2d74f7f55d5b1467e0e786b8

Country of Residence: United States

Twitter, Telegram:
Telegram: Contact @neafiol



Team Members

Peter - CEO / backend developer, full-time, working science June 2022

Andrew - CTO / frontend developer, full-time, working science August 2022

Nik - CDO / part-time, working science June 2022

Pavel - Head of Grow / full-time, working science June 2023


HERE Wallet is the primary mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol and has been in active development since Spring 2022. Now more than 50000 wallets are connected, HERE liquid staking is used by more than 8000 accounts with 800000 NEAR TVL

HERE team also maintain open source for NEAR:

NEAR Metamask Snap:


Snap: NEAR Protocol

NEAR VM Wallet exports:

Py-NEAR: main Python framework for NEAR SDK (100+ :star:)

NEAR ZMQ Indexer

Project Litepaper and Goals

The HERE team following the published vision of the NDC believes it is important to have sustainable wallets in the NEAR ecosystem with independent infrastructure. We propose to create an independent infrastructure for HERE Wallet to operate (and open to third-party projects)

  1. Independent RPC - deploying and maintaining a non-dependent RPC will increase decentralization on the reliability of the ecosystem. Right now only is publicly available.

  2. Independent data indexer: develop our own block indexer to get information about user balances and transactions and import accounts by public key.

  3. Ledger support: this is a fundamental feature necessary for user security and trust. It will attract more wealthy users to mobile wallets and contribute to the development of NEAR’s mobile infrastructure.

  4. Sustainability. Currently, HERE team covers ~15% of its costs, we plan to increase coverage to 40% by continuing to grow users and support the wallet. Creating a financially sustainable project in the future will help achieve true decentralization and competition.

HERE is one of the main wallets for the NEAR ecosystem and an important goal of this proposal is to fund survival.

KPI: An independent infrastructure is in place and there is funding to support it for a year. The user base of the wallet has grown to 75,000 connected accounts and 12k+ MAU. HERE team covers ~40% of its costs by themself.


The budget is based on the cost of a team of 4 people + techical infrastructure.

Salaries per month + taxes: $20k

Infrastructure: $1k

1 year infrastructure support: $12k

Total funding: 75k per 3 months

December: $21k
January: $21k
February: $33k (21k + 12k)

The whole team works full time as well as they have for the past 2 years. After the end of the grant, the team will continue to work on the HERE wallet in an effort to make it a sustainable business and continue to make a great contribution to the NEAR ecosystem.

Project longevity

Now we are requesting one-time funding, self-sufficiency depends on the market situation, but we aim for payback in the shortest possible time.


Where are the team members currently located?