[HACKATHON CHALLENGE] Creating a Use Case for Social Tokens

For the METABUIDL Hackathon Arroz Criativo proposes a challenge to create a guide for the use of social tokens, the possibilities of implementation and usage, emission etc.

Please use this thread to announce your participation in case you are interested.

You can get in touch with Arroz Criativo through TG. Join, share & hack!:slight_smile:

The submissions will be judged by @StevenR & the Arroz Criativo team.

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Here goes the proposal for the Hackathon Challenge created by Arroz Criativo.
Prepared and written by @tabear!

Creating a Use Case for Social Tokens

As the first physical space and association in Lisbon which is working with NEAR, we are looking forward to implementing our own social token. For a reference: our cultural association has around 9000 members in total, runs 7 events per week, works with volunteer & paid roles and offers studio and coworking spaces for artists in Lisbon.
In order to implement our own token we are opening a challenge for tokenomics experts!


Arroz Criativo is looking for a roadmap/plan on how to implement, use and distribute its own social tokens. What could the tokens be used for? How could liquidity be added? What would be a possible emission plan, market cap, total supply etc.? It should be a complete guide on the possibilities of social tokens which can also be used by other associations worldwide that would like to implement their own social token and are new to the crypto/token sphere.

Submission Requirements

  • Graphic elements/presentation (slides for ex.)
  • Possible use-cases
  • Using the according forum thread in the Arroz Criativo category in the NEAR gov. forum for participation/updates & uploading the created presentation

Arrozcriativo DAO

Judge Contact @StevenR

Any ideas on how to develop this further and help us create a great guide for helping infinite projects with Social Tokens.

Our challenge on the MetaBUIDL Airtable.

Send over a message or leave here a post!


I would like to work on this :slight_smile: How do I apply for this challenge?


Great! You already did by showing interest with your post :slight_smile: You can join our TG channel and upload your solution then to the forum :slight_smile:

@tabear How technical should the submission be? I understand that the expected format is like a presentation, but since I have got technical background, I could be very hardcore in my explanations :slight_smile:

Feel free to collaborate with someone. The goal is to create a playbook which can be understood also by people that are not familiar with tokenomics, so that the best submission can then be implemented in Arroz estúdios. I good middle way would be the solution I guess. Also, therefore the presentation, visuals can help a lot to explain complicated terminologies :slight_smile:


Thanks!! And what is your TG group?


Link is here Telegram: Contact @arrozcriativo :slight_smile:

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