[LISBON HACK NODE] Presenting the Lisbon Hackathon Aug-Sept

We now present the Lisbon NEAR Hackathon running online and locally at Arroz Estúdios, between the 27th Aug and 11th of September.

Running with the Arroz Criativo DAO and Lisbon City Node team.

Presented with an wonderful Artwork by @ericadoo

Get your ideas, applications and hacks ready to use the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem!

We also have a very specific challenge to be hacked, presented by Arroz Criativo, with up to 5000 $ in Prize money.

The challenge is: Creating a Use Case for Social Tokens

More info at:

Our challenge on the MetaBUIDL Airtable.

Social Media Links that will be used for sharing, connecting and engaging with the community.

Facebook / Instagram / Telegram / Discord

Hackathon Facebook Event Click here

Team on this will be @StevenR @TRosario @halisonlp and @ericadoo .

Any ideas on own to improve, hack or participate on this Hack Node.
Send them through, we will be happy to hear them out! :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! Great work, team, and hope you get a lot of submissions :hugs:

Please post a link to this post in your [Proposal] Lisbon Hackathon Aug-Sept 21 thread so the CommunitySquad DAO team can see all the full relevant details of your Hack Node’s activity in one place!



The Hackathon train as started and won’t stop!

The first presentation and introductory event will be this Wednesday, with the Workshop “What is a Hackathon?” given by @TRosario and @halisonlp, explaining the concept and what will happen in this 2 week event.

As a bonus there will also be an extra Workshop by Cíntia on “NFT’s and their Use Cases”.

Here is the Facebook Event.

Come to Arroz Estúdios and participate if you are around Lisbon!


Tomorrow we have the kick-off event for the Lisbon Hack Node!
Facebook Event is here.

Anyone that is around Lisbon, meet up there to start hacking and developing your tools to integrate within the NEAR Ecosystem.

There’s free lunch and drinks for the participants and a 5$ registration bonus in your NEAR Wallet, register here on this form to participate: https://forms.gle/XsvgEPBnQjyYvXsp7

It will run from 10h and goes until 17h. At 15h we will have a talk with @vandal about the NEAR Ecosystem and followed by another regarding Social Tokens.

Join us!


Looking fwd to this! Thanks for putting together a live event, so much better than just online hehehe


Here we are on our second day of the Lisbon Hackathon.

Last Friday we had the kick-off event that went great with good attendance and a few connections established that for sure will help growing the community and hack projects into the NEAR Ecosystem. Thanks to @StevenR for the introductory talk and @vandal for that double combo awesome presentation on “NEAR Ecosystem” and “Social Tokens”.

Here are some photos:

Also we have a a few interested people in our Hackathon Challenge:

Check the original thread for more information.
Also if you have any ideas or projects that you want present, post them here or send a message to our Telegram: Contact @arrozcriativo.
Let the Hack continue!


Just put up the report of work for the month of August for the Lisbon Hack Node.

Any comments or details explained please feel free to ask.


Just posted the summary for this first week of Hackathon.

I hope everyone involved can contribute towards the Ecosystem with the ideas collected.
If anyone has any idea to contribute please do!

Hey everyone!

We are announcing our final day of the Hackathon!
We’re happy how our first Hackathon took place, and we’re looking forward for the next ones!
I want to thank everyone who participated in the event, so now it’s time to find out the winner of the challenge!

Follow up the event here

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Mekie minha gente,

I’m Mário Paris Inocêncio and I’m one the lucky people that attended Lisbon Hackathon and just came here to give my thank you to all the Lisbon City Node and @arroz-criativo teams, specially to @TRosario.

During our conversations about the NEAR Ecosystem and sketching some ideas for collaboration that could potentially be part the projects that I have with some NGOs here in Almada, I got thrilled with the sea of possiblities that this young OpenWeb collaborative environment can create.

It goes without saying that I still have a ton of learning material to research and read but I’m really pumped to learn more and more from you all :grin:

In the meanwhile, I’ve been talking with some couple of people and hopefully we can start giving our contribution to this wonderful and boundless ecosystem sooner than later.

See ya around :slightly_smiling_face: