[GUIDE] KalakendraDAO - How to Claim Free Near Wallet and KKD POAP NFT in Satori

KalakendraDAO - How to Claim Free Near Wallet and KKD POAP NFT in Satori

Satori is a NEAR onboarding tool. Satori’s web3 toolkit helps creatives, companies, and communities acquire and onboard their users with minimal effort.

Are you planning to create a fresh NEAR wallet?

To create a fresh NEAR wallet or connect to an existing NEAR wallet.

  1. Go to https://linktr.ee/kalakendradao or scan the QR CODE below.

  1. When you enter it, the website will look something like this.


Click on the claim from NFT POAP by creating a free NEAR wallet. You will be taken to the next page.

  1. Click on the button “Create Wallet” if you don’t already have a wallet or else choose to connect a wallet.


Once you click the button to create your own wallet, a page will load with fields for entering an account ID. We’re using “dummy” here. You should enter an id according to your wish.

And then click Reserve my account id. You will automatically go to this page below.

Now you will be prompted for your passphrase. Make sure to keep it safe as this is what allows access to the account! Once copied, click continue.


On the next page, you have to enter the third word of your passphrase and then click on verify and complete.



The NEAR wallet is now available for you to use and enjoy. Your assets are waiting in anticipation, so go ahead from here you can send and receive assets.

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