KalakendraDAO Introudction

KalakendraDAO Introduction

KALAKENDRA’’ which translates to “a heavenly place for art”.

In India, the interest in knowing more about NFTs is really high, but not many know exactly how to acquire one or mint their own NFTs. So KalakendraDAO aims to change this scenario entirely by onboarding as many Indian artists as possible who wish to mint their works as NFTs. We will also explain the advantages of NEAR ecosystems climate-neutral platform, low transaction costs, and the advantage of having a great community to support in selling & promoting their NFTs.

Our team members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

shubham007.near - @Albhion

KalakendraDAO vision:

We aim to create more awareness about NFTs in India and onboard new artists by educating them about minting and selling NFTs in the Near Ecosystem. This will also help artists grow as they have a bigger market and benefit the NEAR ecosystem through increased users & transactions.

KalakendraDAO Mission:

  • Onboarding Indian artists to mint NFTs in NEAR Ecosystem
  • Helping artists set up their stores in Mintbase/Paras, and assisting them in their marketing activities to increase their reach.
  • Creating social media posts in regional languages
  • Creating videos in regional languages
  • Conducting various competitions & events to develop arts in Indian culture and heritage and mint using NEAR ecosystem
  • Connect with famous artists and influencers to encourage their arts to be listed /auctioned on our platforms.

What’s Next?

We plan to onboard as many artists as possible right now through outreach on social media and plan to educate them by conducting meetings with them.

After we submit a funding proposal, we will be initiating other activities like buying software subscriptions for creating videos in regional languages, conducting competitions, NFT exhibition events in art galleries, sponsoring art exhibitions, and onboarding influencers.

Special thanks to @Shreyas for guiding and also for giving valuable points.
We welcome you all to join us to take KalakendraDAO’s vision forward by reaching all artists in India.

DAO Link: Astro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KalaKendraDAO
Telegram: https://t.me/KalaKendraDAO
Instagram: Login • Instagram

If you have any questions we’d be happy to clarify them.



Hey there,
Thank you for this introduction. Have you been in touch with the NEAR NFT Club (@naveen_in), it sounds like your goals and ideas are pretty much aligned :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. Yes, we are aware of NEAR NFT Club, and they have been doing a great job for the overall NEAR community. We want to focus only on Indian artists as we have a huge population, out of which 25 million are youth, yet there’s not enough awareness about these NFTs as India speaks more than 22 languages. So we want to target all these languages. We are also planning to collaborate with art schools and design institutes, who will then act as ambassadors of NEAR by explaining the advantages of the NEAR ecosystem to upcoming artists. With their help and their artists. We want to keep it more creative and aligning with Indian art and culture and keep it pure! And we would love to do that in long haul. We would definitely love to collaborate with not only NEAR NFT CLUB but also with all the possibile every guild who could motivate us in our path. But as of now we would like to start ourself and get going.


Glad to see this take shape! I’m sure the creatives community broadly and @naveen_in with the NFT Club guild can help support and amplify the work that you’re all doing. Collaboration :sparkles:

Excited to see this guild onboarding more artists from all over India. @Srilakshmi, @gyan0890 and the Naksh team can hopefully work closely with you all as well.


Dear Monish, is it true that you’re an Avalanche ambassador?

@naveen_in great job :clap: One of the best Near community leader.

Hey @Dacha ! Am not an ambassador of Avalanche!

I’m so Sorry, probably got wrong information.

Hey that’s me ! And that’s my profile! Those are for giveaway ! It doesn’t mean I an ambassador nor works for the Avalanche team or even with CRO team.

Wow, this sounds so exciting! This is how Naksh began, and since our journey resonates so much with each other, I would love to see how we can collaborate to make things better for the artist community in India.
We are available on discord, would love to see how we can take this further.


Thanks Shreyas, for introducing!


Would love to connect with you guys and take NFTs in india to another step beyond. Thank you @Srilakshmi


Thanks @shreyas and @tabear for connecting me here. :slight_smile:

@Monish016: Nice to see all the work Kalakendra will be doing to create awareness and connecting the design schools of India with the global community of NEAR NFTs. I will be happy to connect with the team whenever needed.

One question out of my curiosity: Why you have named it Kalakendra?


Sure @naveen_in

India know for it’s Arts and mythology segments
KALA KENDRA means - An Hub for Arts and Artisans .


Great :slight_smile: Looking forward to see your proposals & feel free to join the Creatives Telegram Chat. We have office hours every Monday in TG where you could introduce KalakendraDAO :slight_smile:


@gurubaran, is there a DAO created already on AstroDAO? if yes, please update it to OP


Hey @simeon4real thank you the reply, we are about to create a astro Dao community ! We shall update to the post once done.

Okay, @Monish016. I will check back in a day.

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@simeon4real We have created a DAO on AstraDAO and added it to OP.


Aha. Thanks a lot for the heads up. appreciate the mention too. :slightly_smiling_face: