We are ready to empower & form a community of teachers, creators, thinkers and innovators. By creating a DAO in the NEAR ecosystem!

This DAO stems from the need for a 360 approach to the blockchain industry. Near is a wonderful place to learn and grow because of the community and tools available!

For five years I have traveled a path of education and testing in this industry. I see a few common themes that need to be addressed when entering the digital space.

I have curated an overview for beginner & advanced levels. Inorder for this to truly be a success I will need an aligned village of support.

  1. Curated Curriculum
  2. Targeted themes (trading, creating, learning, building)
  3. Personal Care - mental & secure

For the last few years, an abbreviated version of Digital Wellness has been in play, but now due to the presence of major brands adopting new technology, an intimate learning space is needed. Hands-on learning & personalized classes is the most effective way to approach this.


This will be front-run by a few collaborated groups, with the goal to teach more able minds to approach the space as I do. Once their learning is complete they can teach more able minds. For 2022 we seek 12 - 21 fully functioning instructors in the various fields of: DeFi, NFTs, Dex, profile creations, custody and more.

We seek a monthly budget of 10k in NEAR


Great Innovation, let’s keep the Near community real.

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Where are you requesting funding for this? Is this something already agreed with Education? I can see it’s in the Education category atm.

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This needs funding yes. How can we move this to the Education category?

Seems more appropriate for a NEAR University/NEAR Foundation grant. You can apply here

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Thanks for this.

I will review when I get online.

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