[Github Submission] A decentralized blogging and video sharing platform without information pollution


Samikhium is a blogging and video sharing app, build on coordination games to separate fake, misleading, and redundant information from quality content.

It incentivizes only quality original content as per the scientific guidelines, not low-quality redundant information that causes information overload.

Samikhium does not incentivize based on page views, or likes, dislikes, which can be easily hacked by producing clickbait titles, for paying for likes, dislikes, or more page views.

Many studies have also found that information that causes anxiety and false news travels faster than true stories. So, page views, likes, and dislikes are ineffective in tackling fake news and don’t produce a fair system of incentive distribution.

Samikhium is a peer review system, where every content is evaluated by Schelling game before it gets the incentives.

A blogger gets more incentives, with more review rating, and the quality of the review rating itself is again through coordination games.

A blogger has to stake some tokens to participate in the review process. As they will lose tokens for bad-quality content, they won’t engage in producing redundant low-quality information.

Full Github Submission with project presentation and video demo


Demo App Link

Near Account: reaudito.near