(OPEN CALL) Rising DAO/Open Call for African Artists and DAOs: "Portrait Of the Artists" NFT series

Rising DAO is focused on Content Innovation. We research, profile, and make media about the innovation developed by artists and creative technologists in the NEAR Ecosystem. We add value to NEAR as listeners, researchers, and storytellers enabling exciting ways to share innovation within NEAR and the rest of the world.

  1. “Portrait of The Artists” NFT SERIES
  • We were approved for the first project that we now call, “Portrait of The Artists: NFT Series” – the aim is to create written portraits that give a less formal, creative, and journalistic view of how the lives of artists are being changed by being on the NEAR Protocol. These portraits aim to share the data and the feeling of the people and DAOs portrayed.

The benefit to NEAR Ecosystem: We believe that NEAR benefits from having the stories of how artists are innovating on NEAR to share as case studies, expanding the NFT marketplace with NEAR-centric content, profiling individuals and DAO projects that make a real impact, while also providing helpful insights for furthering the development of the platform itself.

APPROVED PROPOSAL: [APPROVED] Rising DAO: Creative listeners / creative communicators for Creatives DAO

“Profile #1, Lagos, Nigeria – Artists of A New Planet”

We decided to do our first Portrait on the amazing community in Lagos, Nigeria – a community that has been at the forefront of integrating for-good work with art and the Blockchain.

Here is a SAMPLE from #1 “Artists from A New Planet” for your insights:

“OVERVIEW of PROFILE #1: Lagos, Nigeria

The NEAR Protocol is most certainly building a world, perhaps even an entire planet with blockchain infrastructure and currency for us to inhabit. Yet, artists on the platform are figuring out how to live on the NEAR planet, right now. That’s what artists and creatives do; they fully inhabit new worlds and go forward, to the edge, to guide people into new ways of living.

In Africa, artists and creatives have spent the past year creating the framework for an artistic revolution on the blockchain utilizing the NEAR Protocol. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has provided philosophical, practical and physical spaces (IRL and in the Metaverse) to redefine their relationship to artmaking, community, and commerce. They are engaged in a new understanding of art in the world, both within a technology framework, as well as how communities can deepen while looking towards the future, without losing the context of the past.

All life stems from Africa. We are all born from her, and we are also participants in her horror, and, hopefully, her demand for healing. From our collective DNA to our shared history of colonialism and the re-creation of freedom, we are indirectly or directly connected to her. And, Africa has always gone first in living and in art. And, so it should be of no surprise that Africa is one of the global communities of artists that were “first-in” to develop Creative DAOs on the NEAR Protocol.”

David Okeke, Designer

Open Call to artists in Africa for 2 more profiles in 2022

  • We realize, humbly, that we have only scratched the surface of the amazing innovative work in Africa utilizing the blockchain to launch projects, new ways to use NFTs, and social innovation.

THIS IS an OPEN CALL to African Artists/Creative Technologists for submission to participate in #2 and #3 Portraits.

All creatives/creative technologists and African DAOs can submit ARTIST/TECHNOLOGY MANIFESTOS about how their work and lives have changed on the NEAR ecosystem, and what they are innovating creatively and with the technology.

Aim of Project: To accurately, enthusiastically, and seriously profile the artists of Africa who are making bold creative choices while also utilizing the NEAR protocol. This NFT series is of written portraits (up to 15 pages) that become an NFT where all those profiled are on the NFT. We will launch 3 NFTs (3 profiles) that will be sold from marketplaces and NFT stores that are passionate about this project.


  • This is an NFT and you will be tagged to it and all profiled will receive an equal amount from sales
  • We are promoting the series heavily and you be included in Press releases, invited to AMAs and we’ll share on social media
  • It’s an amazing way to tell your truth, your vision, and your story to people who really understand artists and technology innovation.

If you want to share with us your work for consideration of #2 and #3 portraits PLEASE respond below with the following requirements:

  1. What region of Africa are you from?

  2. What does your DAO do with and or for artists/creatives?

  3. How do you merge art and technology (the blockchain) in your creative practice?

  4. How do you merge art and technology (the blockchain) in your Community/DAO?

  5. How Web 3 has changed HOW you work and live

  6. Images and video that supports your ARTIST STATEMENT

Once we receive your insights, Rising DAO will review the work, reach out with questions, host AMAs on Twitter and Telegram, and finally, come to a choice about regions and people we will explore and write about in our next two profiles.

Leave questions AND replies here in the forum.

We are so excited!!

For more insights into Rising DAO here is our first report: (REPORT) Rising DAO NFT Series Report and NEXT STEPS


This looks interesting @sarahkornfeld All the best.


Go RisingDAO….go Sarah

Futuristic initiative :purple_heart:


Great works . Young fresh Dao is an African based community, we will be happy to collaborate.

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@larkim GREAT! Please share here:

  1. What region of Africa are you from?
  2. What does your DAO do with and or for artists/creatives?
  3. How do you merge art and technology (the blockchain) in your creative practice?
  4. How do you merge art and technology (the blockchain) in your Community/DAO?
  5. How Web 3 has changed HOW you work and live
  6. Images and video that supports your ARTIST STATEMENT

1: West Africa Nigeria

2: My Dao, Spirityut aims to expose African talents to the World, majorly Musical Talents, using the Nearprotocol Blockchain Tech through what we call Audionft Night where we display Digital Art Nfts of Dao members and have our Audionft musicians perform their Nft musics and entertain the crowd with, of course this event will be choked with other entertainment activities to make it Fun. We also have activities aimed at engaging our online community members, online activities centered around education and entertainment, as an emerging Dao we would start executing these activities so as to keep progress moving. We also aim to promote these creators at other live and web3 events and we are certain to accomplish this hopefully, THE FUTURE IS NEAR!

3: I do that by collaborating/minting my creations with Near daos such as Beatdao, The Tunes Aesthetic Nft Store, Tamago, C1, Metaverse SPATIAL for visibility of Spirityut Nfts, i have nfts that have been purchased by collectors in these Stores. More to come,

I also make use of Social Media platforms in promoting my creative art such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord Shilling, and also linking telegram for communications just to enable my works visibility to potential nft collectors and to develop positive relationships that can be beneficial in the web3 space.

4: We do that through Minting, we have these Dapps that can enable our creators get their creations Minted and turned Digital Assets in the near proctocol Blockchain such as Mintbase, Paras, Apollo42, e.t.c, and they have started to utilise these Dapps to get their works out there. The Dao also has its Mintbase Store where we mint nfts, however we’re not in rush to be minting nfts, we still got a long time to go in the space.

5: Oh yes personally I feel like I am the happiest in the Near protocol Blockchain despite the challenges I face as human because it has helped me improve a lot as a creative, I have taken part in Bounties that have helped keep me moving financially when I had non, still is helping me with that, I have been able to meet great top notch musical producers, create dope ass content, more still coming, i have been able to bring my friends on board, helped them display their creative skills in web3 and in the process promoting these Daos. E.g (NXM, BEATDAO)

Now working on my own DAO basically where we promote Audionfts and their creators at Live events Called AUDIONFT NIGHT. That’s a roadmap we’re working towards, we’re building first off, poco ah poco and its looking bright !

Decentralisation encourages creative freedom and true expression of self, especially for some that don’t fit in the traditional way of doing things, That is very real though because people and energy, they’re real…some people just don’t fit in externally. However the Near Blockchain has the capability to expose these acts and creators then at the same time to the world :earth_americas:.

My Dao SpiritYut aims to expose African talents, majorly musicians, through #audionft night where entertainment is our aim, this Dao came off discussions with Paul Crans of Beatdao to further expose the blockchain tech in our area of the world and also the musical talents, making their creative works DIGITAL ASSETS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN. Watch out for Nfts and Creative contents to be released off SPIRITYUT DAO!

We also have a quality deal of Artsites, Digital artsites and definitely are bringing more creatives onboard to partake of the web3 blessings, Sometimes I feel God’s energy has something mighty to play in the creation of “web3”.

6: Spirityut Dao Community Hangout August22 - YouTube


Below is link to SpirityutDAO Mintbase store



Thank you @TheTune100!!


Hello good day rising DAO
I will like to submit my entry too
But I don’t own a dao, just belong and interact with most daos like African daos,guilds and also worked as a moderator in Spirityut DAO .
That’s why I may not possibly give an exact or complete answers to DAOs related questions :relaxed:

  1. West Africa: Kano,Nigeria.
  2. Most of the near daos support artists especially Spirityut dao support African artist by shilling their works,buying,framing and displaying their NFTs in offline events.
  3. I merge art by drawing anything meaningful like nature,snap &edit the artwork with my phone but mostly I create arts using pixel art application installed in my phone. while the technology part is the snapping and editing process to look more digitally and easier to upload in NFTs marketplaces and my social media handles promotion.
  4. I merge art and technology in my community by uploading it in my social handles and adding a catchy :wink: captions to the media.
  5. Web 3 has changed how I work by spending more hours to learn NFTs since you need to know how a thing or engine works before using it compared to when I am learning digital skills only and working as a freelancer which still I feel like a freelancer.
    And web 3 has improved my living by supporting myself and my family with the little things I earn from NFTs, Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah ):relaxed:.
  6. I will also like to attach links beside images since I don’t have all the images to my NFTs due to low storage and other problems I experienced with my phone which leads to factory resetting the phone.
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Hi there! You can be an individual! Please share here and answer the questions as fully as you feel possible.

Best and looking forward to learning about your work!

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Please share images when you can!!

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Images that support my artist statement:
Below are some images (collage) of my recent collection

Then some of the NFTs I can find which are still on my phone

Links to my profile on 4 NFTs marketplaces where I mint NFTs :


Link to my NFTs gallery:

Link to my social handles:

Link to my publication on Paras NFTs marketplace On How I started NFTs

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Done ma’am :relaxed: submitting some few images and links to my works .


Thank you all! Keep them coming – we’re crazy busy getting read to launch the first NFT, so thank you for your patience in advance!!