Game “Ton Vs Take”

Section 1. Basic information
Project name: TonVsTake
TonVsTake logo (post photo)
Project URL: tontakecom
Rules of the game: you will need to spread influence by capturing new cells using the generated CRYPTO coins. Discover the world and explore new places and settlements to gain more influence in the cryptocurrency space!
The creator of the project and his channel: TonTake

Section 2. Game information
TonVsTake is a logical crypto-strategy called “TON/TAKE”, in which you will have to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the territories of planet Earth!
The crypto game is simple and understandable from the first clicks.
Utilities and Application:
As we said earlier, you can hear our description in more detail in the header. But let’s move on to a more extensive analysis and demonstration of game skills.
Click on any cell with the mouse so that it comes under your influence. For each territory received you need to pay with one CRYPTO. You will see the number of remaining CRYPTO in the upper left corner of the screen.
For each captured village you will receive a one-time 10 CRYPTO and +1 CRYPTO every half minute. The village generates +1 CRYPTO for you in half a minute if it is under your influence. The city will give you +20 CRYPTO one time and +3 CRYPTO every half minute.
If you fall into a black hole, you will be deducted -1 CRYPTO per minute for the rest of the game.
The generation of CRYPTO can be accelerated forever with TAKE coins, which are sold in the xrocket bot. Every 1 TAKE will add +1% to your game CRYPTO generation forever! The maximum upgrade amount is +100% to CRYPTO generation.If you have discovered an angel, then you will have the opportunity to open any cell on the map and immediately gain influence on it; an overview around the captured cell will also open.
When surrounded by any area, all the cells inside will immediately become yours.
Surround your opponent’s logo to become the winner!
When the timer expires, the one who has the most territories under his influence will win.
Our players play this game quite often, and enjoy the rich graphics and stages of the game.
We pay a lot of attention to this game and can easily introduce new features.
In this game, all you need is tactical thinking, as well as seeing through your opponent in the tournament.
Our users are mainly blockchain experts and players interested in Telegram games. That is, we can say from beginners to lovers of strategy and building something new. Our users are interested in crypto gaming communities and actively take part in the tournaments themselves.

Section 3. Project status.

At the moment, our project is at the improvement stage.
We have our own token which is tightly linked to our game.
There are many coders
who, carefully working on the game and implementing it, also introduce new technologies into our game.

What is the funding for our project?
The project is at the stage of regular replenishment of the financial fund. We always have funds to pay our participants.
The monthly amount of expenses is not specified at the moment, because it is at a floating stage.

Section 4.Team
About our team
There are about 20 active admins working on the project, each of them has their own position in our project.
We all work full time without any difficulty or fatigue.
If we take on a case, we bring it to a successful end.
We have coders, PR admins, moderators, people embedded in the game system who are deep into it.
We have designers.
They regularly update the architecture of our games, and also so that we do not need outdated interfaces and introduce something new.
Our extended team is sharing their seats daily.
We maintain very close contacts with projects on our network, we also have many partners with them and we have daily support.

Section 5. Support
It is important for us that the support meets our requirements, as long as we do not need it because we have it.
But if necessary, we have a reserve team.
We are always open to new cooperation, especially if it brings a positive attitude to both us and you.
We cover our development activities and technical issues.
We strive to develop every detail that we lack.
There are not many of them yet, and every day there are fewer and fewer of them, since every day we are sitting on the issue of resolving the situation.
We release new products to increase the popularity and demand of our game, to attract new users and to consistently retain existing users.
We use channels for cooperation, as well as our social networks.

Section 6. Grant
Requested grant amount:
Initially $5000 per month
The current technical and visual needs of the project can ideally be satisfied with another amount, a little more.
But this amount will also be able to cover our first expenses and will allow us to attract more users to us.
To more frequent events and tournaments, to a more developed payment complex and the growth of our token.
We understand that perhaps we do not yet have a great reputation, with the help of which it is much easier to prove our intentions, but we will be able to justify your investment.
Financially, we have described where we can allocate this amount and we are extremely interested in this.
We believe that if we direct all our efforts in one direction, we can achieve very good success and stability in the market.
If our proposal is approved, we will definitely implement everything that we said earlier.