Funding request for Varda

Hi, I had the project ready yesterday but took sometime to refine it as far as I’ve seen your message on discord.
Project name is

Ideation with tokenomics → Blog link with roadmap (about 600 words) → full website with visual outline and roadmap

Project presentation videos:

Github repo: GitHub - jilt/NFT-Staking

Another github repo for the Varda Vault will be added soon in order to airdrop the NFT game cards to the owners of the founders NFTs, scheduled for publication in July on Paras.

Our partners are:

  1. humanguild (who hosts a Varda exhibition in their metaverse virtual space)
  2. NarWallets Meta-Pool Tokenized staking as a social DAO governed token for our marketplace.
  3. OpenWebSandbox who’s funding the social media campaign
  4. Paras market who’s scheduled a sponsored drop for our founders staves on July.
  5. Covalent who’s assisting in creating the Vault thanks to their NEAR blockchain indexing.

near account for rewards: jilt.near


Please @enidavis let me know what changes must be made to the GitHub repo in order for it to be suitable for getting the 40 near funds!
Have a nice weekend!!!

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