Varda Game and NFT ecosystem tools

This post is to request fundings for the play to earn game on NEAR.
The subject has been discussed for a long time, part of the work is already in active development thanks to the funding we were able to gather from NFTs on NEAR and Ethereum blockchain.

Varda’s steps for this year are a basic playtoearn/click to play game for browsers and mobile built with construct3 and a tool for Artists and Investors in the near NFT ecosystem, providing unlockable content and staking on NFT buying/listing for NFT investors, details for the staking method are being discussed with the MetaPool dev team, the main idea is that anyone will be able to use NFT staking while listing NFTs on the Varda store/interface.

Details about timing and requested funding amount can be found in this document along with description of technical costs. We wish to start working on the 15th of January 2022 and we thank the Humanguild, @vlad and @sashahudzilin for making this happen.
As explained in the document the character of Varda are built on the Silmarillion book, so free of copyright issues and the symbols (galdrastafur) upon which we build our game/NFTs are based on tribal symbols from Iceland.


Awesome to see this funded, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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