Friday Reflections, March 31

Hello everyone, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another reflection on the week from the marketing and comms team at the NDC / GWG.

As with the new format, I’ll be sharing what’s coming down the pipe for the marketing and communication team over the week.


We kickstarted our new content series this week. We asked the community to vote on which piece of content you wanted first and you responded!

Our first piece of the quarter is now live, and you can find out what it is over on our Medium Page.

Other pieces of content in the works in the coming weeks include:

  • What is the transparency commission?
  • How to start a working group
  • The NDC’s approach to transparency and communication

Brand and Voice

The Marcomm team is working on the messaging framework for the NDC. The challenge with building a community of diverse and brilliant people is that there needs to be language and messaging attuned to each audience group.

So our Marcomm team is busy producing the messaging framework that we’ll start to roll out to help improve with our Q2 core goal of increasing engagement via signposting and resources.

Consensus 2023

The team are working on a plan to bring the NDC to Consensus, which is taking place in late April in Austin, Texas.

We’ll be sharing an overview of strategy next week, and would love feedback on how you’d like to see the NDC turn up at one of the biggest crypto conferences.


We love Merch! And so do you. There’s many amazing creative people in the NDC ecosystem who want to contribute.

This will be an ongoing process but we’re hoping to share some of the ideas in the coming weeks.


Sharing all the amazing work the community is doing is high on our priority list at the moment. We’ve nearly finished our distribution strategy - this is separate to the Distribution Working Group who are tackling a much bigger challenge - and will share next week.

The GWG Startup Blueprint

The role of the GWG is to facilitate the building of the framework that allows the NDC to flourish. Once that role is complete, the GWG will gradually fade away. Before then, the Marcomm team is working on a blueprint that would allow other members of the NDC to spin up their own working groups, DAOs and nodes to help support the NEAR ecosystem.

This will be vital to help decentralization grow, and we’ll be sharing this as soon as it’s ready.