Friday Reflections, March 24

Hello everyone, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another reflection on the week from the marketing and comms team at the NDC / GWG. But this time, we’re going to be using the reflections to look forward at what’s coming down the pipe.

As a reminder: We’ve been getting a ton of feedback as to how things are going, and we wanted to take the chance to replay some of it and say, “dudes, we get it” and maybe, just maybe, provide a bit more clarity wherever we can.

We’ll be running these every Friday to hopefully try to share a bit more on what’s happening on this side of the fence. If we can do better, or miss something, or just want to talk, come one, come all.

Community Hub launching

As laid out in the Q2 strategy, better signposting for the NDC is key. As a result, the Marcoms team will be formally launching the Community Hub, a one-stop-shop for finding the content, the groups, and initiatives you need to get started in becoming a fully-fledged member of the NDC movement.

There is a version of the Content Hub that’s live if you want to jump in now.

Content Overview

Content is king, and we’ve been working on an overview of what you can expect from the GWG. This will include better organisation of existing content, as well as a schedule of content to be published and provisional dates for bigger announcements down the line.

Making the most of the Wiki

The NEAR Wiki is a fantastic resource for users, developers and founders. We’re currently looking to place all content on the NEAR Wiki to help people find the resources they need to take part in shaping the future of the NDC.

Townhall and collaboration with the NEAR Foundation

The NEAR Foundation are huge supporters of the work the NDC is doing. We are currently in progress to develop a partnership with them that helps us get the word out to more people in and around the NEAR ecosystem.

One such approach will be to feature members of the NDC on the Foundation’s regular townhalls.

Outreach and distribution

On top of our work with the Foundation, we’re working on a distribution network for NDC content to ensure everyone in the NEAR ecosystem can find and the NDC, and the right places to reach out.

If you want to be part of the network the NDC works with for distribution, get in touch!


Loved de Wiki project, clean, sophistcated and user friendly.

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Hello. Could you please use the wiki instead to be aligned with Ecosystem goals? Thanks