Flying Rhino Guild August Roundup

Another month has passed and our Guild is busier than ever!
Our second month as an official Guild has seen us with a variety of new clients, projects, and levels of social media involvement and expertise. We have continued our full time social media management for our long term clients, Legal Guild, as well as got to experiment with how our services were utilized for tier 1 and tier 2 partners :slight_smile:

Roundup time!
Current clients + tier levels:
Legal Guild- Tier 1- Full time social media marketing, advising, etc
Dedeukwu- Tier 3- NFT launch tweets, social media advising, one on one call
QSTN- Tier 2- Weekly content creation, social media advising, launch preparation
NEARWeek- Tier 1- PREPARATION for full time social media marketing services, account posting, etc (Need to hire first)

*Currently have 2 scheduled consults for September with new clients

Services for each client:
-Legal Guild
*Weekly content schedule for Twitter + LinkedIn created and
executed thus far
*Graphic design for all blog headers
*Collaboration on social media with S2 Guild
*Weekly communication call and daily communication via telegram
*Trello board collaboration
*Legal article sharing
*Learning about crypto + legalities as a team
*One on one to discuss video creation

*Call to discuss twitter launch ideas + goals moving forward
*Consistent communication via telegram
*Launch tweet document
*General social media advising for launch preparation
*Sharing + promoting content via Twitter
*Social media blueprint document sent

*Consistent communication via telegram
*Twitter content schedule in the works
*Initial social media blueprint document sent with positive
*Currently awaiting launch details :slight_smile:
*Initial One-on-one consultation
*Desire to upgrade to tier 1 services, however we need to hire more
help first

Client survey report:
*We asked our current clients if they could fill out a google form to give us feedback on how we are doing- we are not positive if everyone had a chance to fill it out, however the results are attached in this post :slight_smile:

Flying Rhino Report:
-Surpassed 100 followers on Twitter
-Participated in OWS Weekly AMA
-Collaborated with NEAR Protocol official social media team to discuss doing direct work for them (Need to hire help first)
-Total video calls held with clients: 7
-Social media documents drafted + sent: 4
-Two clients currently setting up one on one consultations
-Kept up our Twitter account and daily interaction with the NEAR ecosystem online (building out our twitter while helping others with theirs is quite the ordeal)
-Request received by the NEAR Core team to directly help with their social media
-Requested additional funding to hire TWO new Flying Rhinos to keep up with the scope and depth of services we want to offer as well as the number of clients we currently have and are onboarding.

September Goals:
-Hire two new Flying Rhino Guild members for graphic design and general assistance purposes
-Onboard 1-2 new long term clients
-Have as many consultations as possible
-Create 2-3 Medium articles concerning social media and crypto
-Work directly with NEAR Protocol social media to create the ultimate NEAR social media guidebook
-Aid NEAR Protocol official social media with posting + services
-Continue daily twitter interaction on Flying Rhino Twitter
-Increase our current client promotion, social media metrics, followers, etc utilizing better graphics and a deeper understanding of each project
-Successfully launch QSTN into the NEARverse on social media
-Grow our collective Guild to include more diverse areas of expertise and help

Thank you to the community for letting us be your social media Rhinos and for trusting us with your incredible projects! It’s amazing what everyone is doing. Thank you as well for supporting us and our need to hire more help as we want to continue doing our very best job for the community. Flying Rhino Client Survey.pdf (74.9 KB)

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Thank you for your report @leaves297 I see August was a busy month.

I really liked the client survey you conducted and the feedback you received from Survey 8. I would like, if possible, to add in the survey whether the Client is: 1-Project (building on NEAR or on Mainnet), 2- Guild or 3-Internal NEAR team. I would also appreciate a break-down of these 3 categories.
All this information is super useful for us to understand the value this Guild is generating for the ecosystem.

Keep doing a awesome job! :clap:

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Absolutely! I will make sure to add that for this month :slight_smile: