Flying Rhino Guild October 2021 Roundup

From beginning to end, October saw the Flying Rhinos into a true growth spurt! Between making an appearance at NEARcon, onboarding 5+ new clients and emerging projects, setting up secret future partnerships, and holding not one but two incredibly popular NFT drops, we should call ourselves the Flying Unicorns soon :wink:

We also welcomed another member to the Flying Rhino team- everyone give a warm welcome to Magnus, a newly launched crypto fiend with previous experience in algorithm marketing and ad campaigns! Magnus will be working with account management services as well as general Guild assistance.

To get right into it, October brought these numbers to the Guild:

One on One consultations/meetings held: 7

Weekly social media schedules created: 16

Social media blueprints created: 4

Medium blogs published: 3

Tier 1 client management- includes daily posting, interacting, community engagement, and communication with the client: 3

Tier 2 client management- includes weekly check in call, weekly social media schedule sent to clients, and graphics and tik tons to accompany all posts and blogs when necessary: 3

New/onboarding clients: 5

Flying Rhino Twitter metrics: flying rhino october twitter metrics.pdf (1.0 MB)

Tier 1 account metrics: Bob Boom october metrics.pdf (2.0 MB)
Legal guild october twitter metrics.pdf (1.4 MB)

NFT drops: 2

Graphics created: 81

Our eyes are blurry just gazing at those metrics :slight_smile: As for each team members contribution, they are as follows- these are tasks that each team member did on the daily and weekly to contribute to the team work flow and personalized attention to each client:

Current Clients:
NEAR Philippines (NEAR GUILD)- Tier 2- weekly content creation and schedule, social media advising, general marketing overlords
Legal Guild (NEAR GUILD)- Tier 1- Full time social media marketing, advising, etc
QSTN (PROJECT)- Tier 2- Weekly content creation, social media advising, launch preparation (Nov 12)
Sankore 2.0 Guild (NEAR GUILD)- Tier 2- weekly content creation and schedule, social media advising, general marketing overlords
Comic NFT (PROJECT)- full time social media marketing, advising, daily posting and engagement
ItsMyne (PROJECT)- full time social media marketing, advising, daily posting and engagement

-Monthly check ins with all clients (video call)
-Attending weekly team calls
-Initial consults with 3 new partnerships and clients
-Weekly calls with Legal guild and S2 guild
-Drafted 4 social media blueprints
-Creation of weekly posting/content schedules for all clients
-Completion of an exclusive Flying Rhino social media guide teaser to attach to airdrop
-Attended NEARcon! To network, represent the Guild, build community, and have a fabulous time :slight_smile:
-Presented at the NEAR guilds demo day presentation
-Weekly and daily organization and creation of a weekly task sheet for the team
-Hired a new member! Welcome Magnus :slight_smile:

-Weekly graphic creation
-Sending graphics, blog headers, etc in a timely and professional manner
-Total creation of 81 graphics
-Daily communication with team members
-Created individualized design templates for each client

-ItsMyne account management: daily posting, engagement, communication with client, coordinating partnership efforts, outreach efforts, etc
-Attending weekly team calls
-Unique NFT creation for the guild, as well as successfully completing Twitter airdrop competitions
-Daily Flying Rhino account management: daily posting, engagement, communication
-Wrote 3 Medium blogs for the Flying Rhino medium
-Drafted a practice weekly social schedule for a new account she will manage in November
-Created the Flying Rhino sticker, business card, and flyer designs
-Helped create a report for the NEAR guilds demo day

With the stable workflow and team commitment we have cultivated, the Flying Rhino Guild is indeed soaring high. We ended the month at a peak, with I as a Guild leader attending NEARcon in Lisbon and networking, discussing, and meeting various projects and individuals in the community. This community is simply incredible, as was everyone we talked to! The general takeaway was that our services as social media marketers and community builders are needed, and needed broadly and badly. We are trying to expand our reach and services as much as possible while making sure our team members don’t get overwhelmed or overworked!

After NEARcon, we are excited to hold initial consultations with up to 5 new clientele, from dApps to NFT projects to other Guilds in the community. The diversity of our clients and therefore the diversity of our services is expanding. We are, as always, grateful for the community support and enthusiasm. We will continue to do the absolute best work we can, in a fast and organized manner that properly conveys each clients goals and uniqueness of what they are building.


Good morning! How much you get monthly from these guilds for marketing activities?
Thank You!

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Misleading information. PH guild does their own social media.

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