Fishmaster game X Human Guild collaboration and Proposal


Fishmaster is an economic strategy dedicated to fishing, farming, and a restaurant lifestyle. Lands, modern guilds, and modern clash fights are planned in a later game phase!

We plan to create a blockchain game with the fair economy, a community of players, not miners or flippers, that will be fun to play in the first place.

In collaboration with Human Guild, within the framework of the requested grant, we are planning the following steps:

  • Near Wallet integration as a way to log into the game, as well as confirm key transactions
  • Integration and use of NEAR NFT Contract with a further drop of new NFT’s in the NEAR mainnet
  • Building a strong community, marketing, promotion of social networks and Discord
  • Game economy building and consulting with an industry experts
  • Game release in 4-5 months after a proposal approval
  • Aiming for 10K daily users in 6-10 months after the game launch

Things that are developed at the moment

You can try fishing mechanics as a guest here

Check the testnet (city canva with some active links) here



it’s really cool game and team to


What an amazing story line and graphics of these game … I love it :fire::fire: waiting for it’s Mainnet launch …

A promising project if you succeed in the game economy.
Also I could help you to translate Turkish and Turkey DAO.

latest updates can be found in our Discord Server

yes we will work the economy out!
check our updates