FintechLab attendance to NearCon 2022

Hello community!

FintechLab ecosystem has been collaborating with Near Protocol and we are interested in attending to NearCon 2022, the biggest event of Near. This post is to show our objective to participate in the event at Lisboa and have a presence in the event.

Details about the event
Event date: 11-14 Sep

Hackathon team (Squad) of FintechLab:

  • Rosa María Orellana Maldonado, Product Owner @rosamaria | NCD ; DiR
  • Dennis Vivas Zelada, Business developer @d3nn1svz.near | NCD; NCE ; DiR
  • Walquer Valler, Back-end developer @WalquerX | NCD; NCI; DiR
  • Diana Rivera, UX|UI Designer developer drivera.near | NCA
  • Juan Carlos Iglesias, Back-end developer jciglesias.near | NCD; DiR

Purpose of attending NearCon 2022

Previous editions working in Hackathon:



thank you for your contributions