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:musical_note: NxM & CREATEBASE SONG CONTEST :musical_note:

Are you a musician? :woman_singer: :man_singer:

Do you have mp3 files of your song? :cd:

Then you are ready to participate at this contest!

We [Mintbase and NxM] are happy to announce the SONG CONTEST!

What are the prizes? 6,5N to open a store, 10 NEAR for fun and your song will be shilled at the Createbase booth at NEARCON!
Don’t have a Near Wallet yet? If not, contact @marianeu or @vandal, we will set you up with one!
How to participate?

  1. Register here

  2. Follow @Createbase1 and @nxmlive on twitter

  3. Join the telegram groups Telegram: Contact @creatorsNEAR and Telegram: Contact @theNxM

  4. Then tell us you are participating (by tagging @marianeu and @vandal). After checking we will be sending you 1 NEAR!

  5. Mint 50 Editions of 1 Song on the CreatebaseContests Store on Mintbase.io (contact us if you need any help with that!). As cover picture please use a selfie :blush: You do not need to list for sale as you will be transferring the NFT (see below)

  6. Tweet about your Song with its URL. Ask people to put their wallet name below so you can send one edition to each person!

  7. The 5 people who sent more NFT’s to other NEAR wallets win!

NEAR CON is happening in Lisbon at the 26th and 27th of October. (in 13 Days!)

The deadline to apply is the 24th of October. We will sort out the winner in the following two days, to be able to shill the Song at NEARCON, where many people with wallets will be present. :slight_smile:

The winner (or the winners) will be able to create their own store and mint their song there with a real price, and hopefully someone at NEARCON will be interested in buying! Besides that the winner(s) will get a total of 16,5 N :slight_smile:


Hey, I am not a musician but my brother gonna join it. He ask me to send his song joining this contest. Still waiting for the form.
Hope his song can broadcast on NEARCON haha !!!


Form is coming shortly!


@guiltyangel @MusicbyNEAR @vandal form is in !!


Hi @marianeu @vandal, I finished step 1, 2, 3 above.
Then this is step 4. However, I not sure about the last question on Registration form - do I need to selfie “my face” with the “mixing tape music on software”, or you mean other thing?


Shout out the Mintbase team for putting this all together!


Do you create your own songs? Most musicians will have no problem showing their face with their music in my opinion, unless they don’t want people to know them… I think this phenomenon is only found in the crypto space. But this is also to ensure that you’re a real person, and the artist behind the creation! Of course, you can always be creative with your selfie :wink:


Nice. I will put some. But selfie cover?


@duOCELOT Yes, your music your face hehe :slight_smile: but you can edit is as you wish. Hehe


@marianeu @vandal
I will be participating


Hi @vandal, it is not an issue, for sure. I will tell my brother take his selfie for cover.

These songs were already. How can I upload it into createbasecontests.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store ?


@marianeu @vandal I will be participating in this context, I am already following createbase and NxM on twitter… I have been active in the metaverse. My twitter handle is @freedomandflow and my near wallet is freedomandflow.near


@johnX, @guiltyangel, @IgbozeIsrael, @duOCELOT ,@musicbynear, I am anxious to see your music! Just waiting to see these google form results so we can add you as a minter to the store!! :slight_smile: @vandal could you send me the near name of the first ones when you have time to check they are following the requirements? You do 5, I do 5, and we go dividing it like that, what do you think?


@marianeu I just re-submitted my form again with artist named “Triet MM” - my brother’s artist nickname. Erm, the first time submitted on Oct 15th. Hope you can check and process next step.

  • I need your help to upload the song into mintbase.io since it is my first time.
  • For owning the right of songs, I checked “I don’t know” because my brother haven’t registered his song anywhere, however, he made by himself and we can provide the evidence in case.

Not everyone is an artist and we didn’t want the creation of artwork (or us creating what you should use) to be a barrier to entry. You can always be creative with your “Selfie” of course!


Wonderful! Looking fwd to it

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Sending shortly! I was out all day yesterday so getting back into everything now!


I added all these people as Minters :slight_smile:

Will be sending 1 NEAR now, please confirm and start minting


Hi @marianeu, I confirmed to join. Can you share how to mint?

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@guiltyangel How to create an auction on Mintbase - YouTube this is how you mint!
At second 0:38 she says: you can mint one to ten tokens.

BUT actually now you can mint 50! So mint 50 tokens of your song and then click mint! :slight_smile:

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